Offer guests a variety of black and green teas. Photo by Yoko Bates | IST.



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KAREN HOCHMAN, Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE, enjoys several cups of tea a day—alas, without the scones and clotted cream.




January 2010

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A Year Of Tea Party Ideas

Page 2: January To June



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A Year Of Tea Parties

Tea is healthy entertaining—if you can hold back on the cream, sugar and pastries. The Irish enjoy their tea as much as the English, and the Fitzpatrick Hotel Group, an Irish-owned collection of hotels, has a deep appreciation for the enjoyment of afternoon tea. Their “Fitz to a Tea” program to does just that. Each month, they feature a specially-themed afternoon tea that is perfectly suited to the season. We’ve adapted their concepts and added our own to give you a year of tea parties.

Here’s your year of tea parties; now get to work on that guest list!


Idea #1: Tea & A Spree

Take advantage of post-holiday sales with a pre- or post-shopping tea service that is rejuvenating and relaxing, with green tea and mint scones.

Idea #2: New Year’s Resolution Tea

Who doesn’t resolve to lose weight in the new year? Have a “spa tea”: different kinds of green tea and healthy munchies (see Page 4 for our recommendations).

Idea #1: Tea & Bent Knee

Propose over a luxurious tea service, featuring imported Earl Gray tea, Champagne, fresh strawberries and cream and luxurious chocolate cake.

Idea #2: Valentine Potluck Tea

If there’s no proposal at hand, you still deserve a celebration. Have everyone bring their favorite Valentine treat, you supply different teas—from flavored teas like hazelnut and vanilla to elegant Earl Grey and smoky Lapsang Souchong—and let everyone vote on their favorite pairings.

Idea #1: Tea & A Shillelagh

Pronounced shuh-LAY-lee, a shillelagh is a walking cane also used as a cudgel or “fighting stick.” It’s named after Shillelagh Forest in County Wicklow, Ireland, where the wood originally came from. But there’s no fighting here: After a pot of Irish tea, shortbread and scones, go for a lovely stroll, with or without your shillelagh.

Idea #2: Tea & The Rites Of Spring

Celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring (March 21st) with pastel frostings on your cakes, optional iced tea, fresh tulips and daffodils. If people ask what they can bring, say “tulips” and be prepared to have a room full of them—very springlike! Think of happy spring music, too: Chopin’s works for pianoforte say “spring” to us.

  Cucumber Sandwich
Cucumber sandwiches on buttered bread are
a classic tea sandwich. They’re delicious!
Use unsalted butter and a sprinkle of sea
salt. Photo by Linda and Colin McKie | IST.

Idea #1: Tea & A Tree

Help celebrate Earth Month with green tea, vegan cookies and fresh organic fruit.

Idea #2: Tea With A Bunny

Host an Easter Tea with plain, frosted cupcakes and the fixings to decorate them (jelly beans, easter candies, traditional cupcake decorations). Everyone gets to decorate cupcakes and the group can vote for winners in different categories (prettiest, most creative, most festive, for example). Send the winners home with small tea gifts.

Idea #1: Tea & A She

May honors all of the important mothers in our lives. Even if you’ll be with your own family for Mother’s Day, call up other moms and invite them for tea. Enjoy Lady Gray tea, pecan scones and raspberry velvet cheesecake.

Idea #2: Women’s Health Week

It’s the second week in May. Companies like Republic Of Tea sell special “teas for the cure,” with profits going to cancer research. Serve high-antioxidant foods like berries and dark chocolate with tea sandwiches on whole-grain breads.

Idea #1: Fits To A Tea

With bathing suit season at hand, we’re all watching calories, so enjoy chai tea with fresh fruit salad. The spiciness of the chai requires no milk or sugar.

Idea #2: Fruit Tea Party

Serve fruit teas (hot and iced), fresh fruit salad and fruit tarts.


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