Cuban Sandwiches
Havana Roadhouse Cuban sandwiches are a delicious, microwaveable treat that taste like they are fresh and hot off the grill.





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March 2006

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Havana Roadhouse

One-Minute Cuban Sandwiches



It’s Frozen Food Month, but strolling down the frozen food aisle usually makes us realize one of our greatest fears: small-serving meals with cardboard-textured meats and soggy vegetables. But Havana Roadhouse has changed that with their delicious Cuban sandwiches for quick meals, late-night cravings or even last-minute hors d’oeuvres.

What we think of today as a Cuban sandwich—or a cubano, in Florida—is simply called a “sandwich” in Cuba, made with salty ham, roasted pork, zesty cheese and tangy pickles layered between a long slice of Cuban bread. Grilled Cuban sandwiches are one of Florida’s favorite snacks and are found in many restaurants in Tampa and Miami, which have large Cubans populations. But like most street foods, the most authentic-tasting sandwiches are said to be found at loncherias, corner food stands where the sandwiches were first sold.

These submarine-style sandwiches are simple, but full of flavor: the trick to making the ultimate sandwich depends both on the quality of the bread as well as how it’s grilled. Traditionally, these savory treats are pressed in la plancha, a sandwich press that evenly distributes heat within the layers and makes the bread slightly crispy. Grilling too lightly means the sandwich will be too soft or under-heated, but over-pressing may cause the sandwich to be too dry or crispy. A balanced press will achieve a harmony of flavors and a crunchy, yet chewy crust. Unlike some sandwiches that are slathered in mayo, cubanos only occasionally include a dab of mustard or a pat of butter. 

Cuban Sandwiches
Cuban Sandwiches

Mini Sandwiches

Havana Roadhouse replicates this experience in a frozen form so tasty, we feel no need to head to Florida to check out the street vendors. Made with a Cuban bread recipe, these handcrafted, fully-cooked sandwiches are flash frozen and shrink-wrapped, to be heated in an oven or toaster oven for 12 to 15 minutes frozen, 8 to 10 minutes thawed—or one minute in the microwave for those with more appetite than patience. With crusty, yet springy slices of bread, the sandwich’s ingredients melt in the mouth.

Havana Roadhouse offers two sizes of Cuban sandwiches: a regular-size sandwich and minis that are good for smaller snacks. If all frozen foods could deliver the same pleasant food experience as Havana Roadhouse sandwiches have for us, we’d gladly replace our refrigerators with larger freezers without so much as a second thought.

Original Famous Cuban Sandwiches

  • Original Cuban Sandwiches
    Pack of 6
    Pack of 2
  • Mini Cuban Sandwiches
    Pack of 4

For information telephone 1.877.422.8226

Cigar Box of Sandwiches

Prices and item availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.

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