Whole-Grain Bread
Artisan loaves and whole grains make toast and sandwiches taste a whole lot better. Photo by Sarunez | IST.


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Artisan Breads

Including Bagels, Crackers, Muffins & Scones


There are great bakeries springing up in neighborhoods all over America, and the artisanal breads offered at our local markets have never been better. Still, there are other gourmet and artisan bread products to seek out, and we share them with you here. Use the Contact Us link to tell us about your favorite breads.

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Nibble Tip

Merely switching breads can make the same old, same old seem new and exciting.  Instead of sandwiching your tuna, egg salad or turkey on standard whole wheat, rye or multi-grain, think about focaccia (at right), sourdough (photo, top), semolina or walnut raisin.  [Yes, tuna, egg salad or turkey on walnut raisin tastes great!]

Sliced bread can be kept in the freezer at your beck and call. It defrosts in seconds in the microwave, to be used au naturel or toasted.


Everything tastes better on the right piece of bread. Would you prefer your sandwich on focaccia or white bread? Photo courtesy of the National Pork Board.


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