Got fruit? Gourmet marshmallows made with real fruit purée are delicious. Above, Black Forest marshmallows made with cherry purée and topped with dried cherries and chopped chocolate, from Crumbles Cookie Factory mimic Black Forest Cake. All photography by River Soma | THE NIBBLE.




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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a Contributing Editor.



March 2011

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Candy

Gourmet Fruit Marshmallows

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Crumbles Cookie Factory
dreamPuff Marshmallows
Madyson’s Marshmallows


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CAPSULE REPORT: In Part I of this article, we reviewed marshmallow serving ideas, ingredients and trends. Here in Part II, we get to taste the best marshmallows in America. This is Page 2 of a nine-page review of gourmet marshmallows. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.







Crumbles Cookie Factory

Favorite flavors: Lemon Chiffon, Strawberry Stand.

These are very large, very tender marshmallows. The Lemon Chiffon, coated in graham cracker crumbs, are a very pale yellow. They have a nice balance of tart and sweet and a good lemon flavor that doesn’t knock you down. In addition, you get a little “hit” of flavor and a bit of texture from lemon zest in the mallow.

You can smell the fruit in the Strawberry Stand as soon as you open the package. These marshmallows are a pale pink and on the tender side. There’s a delicate but true strawberry flavor.

Also tasted: Island Toasted Coconut, Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate Peppermint. There’s an unusual offering here: a Toasted Brulée Dipping Sauce for their mallows.

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THE NIBBLE Editors loved these marshmallows. Each flavor reminded us of a different cake or pie. In addition to Lemon Chiffon, we loved Black Forest (cherries and chocolate) and Creme de Menthe (a delicate mint marshmallow topped with chopped Andes Mints). We can’t wait to try more!

dreamPuff Marshmallows

Favorite flavor: Passion Fruit.

The marshmallows are of medium size. The Passion Fruit, of a very pale cream color, have a robust, deeply tangy fruit taste.

It’s easy to tell these are made with real fruit purée, as opposed to an extract. The passion fruit subdues the sweetness and adds an intriguing, almost citrusy flavor.

Also tasted: Lemon Pucker, Chocolate Mousse, Cardamom Puff, Fireside Brulée.

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These Blackberry Cabernet marshmallows, ordered separately by THE NIBBLE editors, have an amazing top note of of good Cabernet Sauvignon.

Madyson’s Marshmallows

Favorite flavors: I [heart] Bacon Dipped Fluffs, Peanut Butter Bliss Dipped Fluffs.

A marshmallow with chocolate and bacon? Diabolical. Insidious. A marshmallow about the size and shape of a miniature muffin cup, capped with milk chocolate and sprinkled with bacon. Sweet, salty, chocolatey, smoky, crunchy, chewy. Must. Have. More. The Peanut Butter Bliss involves a “plain” marshmallow bottom, topped with a thin layer of peanut butter and a cap of milk chocolate. Need I say more? All marshmallows here are called “fluffs.”

Also tasted: Dark Sticky Caramel Dipped Fluffs, Toffee Crunch Dipped Fluffs, Chip Fluffs, Butterscotch Chip Fluffs, Peanut Butter Chip Fluffs, Toffee Chip Fluffs.

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S’more—in-one: Madyson combines marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers into one dreamy bite. We loved every flavor we tasted.



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