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November 2009

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Best Pancake Mixes: Whole Grain, Whole Wheat & Multigrain

Page 6: You Don’t Know (Flap) Jack…But You’re About To


Pancake Mix Product Reviews

A total of 99 mixes were tasted from 44 different companies. There were a number of mixes that produced great-tasting pancakes, but for a mix to be listed as a favorite, it had to have “the whole package”: instructions that made sense, good batter consistency, enough rise, sufficient browning, pleasant texture and great flavor. It should be noted that some varieties of whole grain or multigrain pancakes have a somewhat gummy texture. In most cases, this is simply “the nature of the beast,” and I don’t mind it unless it’s excessive.

  • Favorite Pancake Mixes. Favorite pancake mixes are highlighted in red. Some companies make more than one variety, and two companies earned “favorite nominations” for two of their mixes (but not all). Whole wheat pancakes predominated among the winners, but buckwheat, cornmeal and multigrain pancakes also got the “favorite” nod.

For those with special interests:

  • Kosher Pancake Mixes. Kosher brands include Arrowhead, Bob’s Red Mill, Cook-in-the-Kitchen, Highland Sugarworks, Krusteaz, New Hope Mills, Orgran and Quaker. Certifiers are noted in the reviews.
  • Organic Pancake Mixes. Organic brands include Arrowhead, Highland Sugarworks and Littleton Grist (a favorite). Mixes with organic ingredients include Arrowhead, Daddycakes, Fiddler’s Green, Hillside Lane, King Arthur, New Hope Mills and Whole Grain Milling Company.
  • Allergies. If you have food allergies or don’t want to consume particular ingredients, make sure to look at labels carefully (I was surprised to see that a handful of the mixes I tested contained partially hydrogenated fats and/or artificial flavors, for example).

And now on to the reviews. Pancake mixes are listed in alphabetical order; click on the links to read the reviews. If you start in alphabetical order, you’ll be able to click through to each successive page of reviews.

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