Cereals, pancakes and waffles are now comfort food all day, as evidenced by their ubiquity on menus and the growth of “cereal bar” fast food chains. You can make them look like a gourmet delight with the right garnishes, as in the photo above. Photo by Simone van den Berg | IST.

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Cereals, pancakes and waffles are no longer just breakfast and brunch boosters. They’re also fare for lunches, dinners and desserts. Whether you long for a comforting bowl of hot steel-cut oatmeal, have a hankering for a hot waffle topped with ice cream and warm caramel, or are making a stack of blinis for caviar, there’s a particular dish just waiting for you. These foods may have roots in many cultures, but to us they ooze all-American comfort. If you have a favorite cereal, use the Contact Us form to let us know about it.

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