Just add an egg and water and heat the frying pan...and you have delicious pancakes in minutes. If you prefer, heat up the waffle iron. Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.




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June 2009

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Daddy Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix

Gourmet, Easy-to-Make, Great Flavors

Page 1: Overview


CAPSULE REPORT: Daddy Cakes makes pancake and waffle mix in popular flavors that proved popular with us. They are a line of “JAW” (just add water) and cook products that make it a breeze to whip up pancakes. Some of the specialty flavors are special, indeed. These gourmet mixes are perfect for Father’s Day...or any day of the year, because any time pancakes and waffles are served is cause for celebration. They’re available in a charming, limited edition, reusable gift tin or a glossy airtight sack (great wee giftie or stocking stuffer). This is Page 1 of a two-page article. Click on the black links below to visit Page 2.


Most of us have memories of enjoying the classic pancake or waffle breakfast with our family on a lazy weekend morning. Maybe that’s why these popular breakfast foods are as comforting as they are gastronomically satisfying. In fact, happy family times was what jump started Daddy Cakes, a line of gourmet pancake and waffle mixes. 

As you might suspect from the name, the mixes were dreamed up by a dad—in fact, two dads, who happen to be brothers. Often, when the men were put in charge of feeding the kids, they found themselves making pancakes. They put their heads together to determine how to make the best pancakes for their broods, and knew they had found the right recipe when the kids kept demanding “Daddy cakes.” (Hopefully, the kids won’t be demanding a royalty on the name.)

Now a line with a broad variety of flavors, Daddy Cakes is a gourmet convenience food that’s worth the extra shekels. There’s no need to add eggs, milk, oil or anything but water to the mix; in five to ten minutes you’ll have a smokin’ stack of flapjacks (we mean that figuratively, of course—keep your eye on the temperature of that frying pan). You can add a couple of eggs and vegetable oil for a fluffier pancake; but we found that they were just as delicious either way, so save the ingredients and the calories.

Our one complaint is that sugar is the second ingredient in these mixes. Regular NIBBLE readers know how much we rail against sugar hidden where it doesn’t belong (in soup, salad dressing, pasta sauce, bread, etc.). We forgive it in these pancakes and waffles because they are foods that are meant to be garnished with syrup, preserves, honey, etc. With the subtle sweetness of Daddy Cakes, you hardly need any syrup at all. We enjoyed most of  the special flavors plain, or with a small pat of butter.

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