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January 24, 2012


Granola with fresh blueberries: a great way to start the day for many people. Photo by Floortje | IST.

WHAT IT IS: Reviews of the best granolas.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: We tasted 140 different products to recommend the best (plus 20 mueslis).
WHY WE LOVE IT: Great granola is crunchy and sweet, with layers of flavor from fruits, nuts and seeds, granola is a breakfast food, a snack food and a garnish (granola-ice cream parfaits, anyone?).
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Gourmet Granola:
The Very Best Granola Cereal We Tried

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Introduction: Going With The Grain

It’s the year of The Great Granola and Muesli Taste-Test: almost 50 brands of granola and 20 brands of muesli, comprising  more than 100 individual varieties.

What was I thinking?

My search to find the very best granola cereal and muesli led me to supermarket shelves... farmer's markets...bakeries...specialty food stores...e-stores...and eating lots and lots of cereal.

Granola has been around since 1863, invented by a doctor as healthier breakfast fare for his patients (details). But it seems to be almost inescapable these days. Everybody and his personal trainer is making and selling granola. (Muesli, so popular in other parts of the world, is decidedly a second-class citizen in the U.S.).

Is either cereal truly healthy for you? Are there any worth going out of your way for? And what’s the difference between granola and muesli, anyway?

If you’re a lover of granola or muesli—or simply want to know more—pick up your virtual spoon and dig in to this article. You’ll discover:

  • The differences between granola and
  • How each came to be
  • The issues surrounding “healthy”
  • All the brands we tried
  • The granola and muesli that deserve the designation of Top Pick Of The Week

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— Stephanie Zonis




More Things To Do With Granola & Other Cereals

Variations on a Theme: Granola, by Lori Butler Carter. Sixty variations on a basic granola recipe, from healthy, decadent, celebratory and weird. More information.

The Cereal Lover's Cookbook: Fun, Easy Recipes for Every Occasion, Made with Your Favorite Ready-to-Eat Cereals, by Lauren Chattman. The title says it all. More information.

The Kellogg’s Cookbook: 200 Classic Recipes for Today's Kitchen, by Kellogg North America. Repurpose your favorite Kellogg’s cereals as recipe ingredients. More information.


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