Cheddar With Harissa
It looks like pumpkin, but this harissa-flavored Cheddar is hot stuff! All cheeses available from Photo courtesy




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October 2010

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Halloween Food

Page 2: “Creepy” Cheddar Cheese


This is Page 2 of a three-page article on Halloween food featuring spooktacular cheeses. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.

Cahill’s Farm: Flavored Irish Cheddar

In County Limerick in the Emerald Isle, Marion Cahill developed a group of flavored Cheddars that are as fascinating to look at as they are exciting to taste.

The red-marbled Elderberry and brown-marbled Porter flavors are ideal for Halloween. You can look at them as beautiful and marbled...or as creepy “blood Cheddar.”

Show them off in wedges on a cheese board, or cubed. Serve a thin wedge to a salad, enjoy on sandwiches. The cheeses are made from pasteurized cow’s milk with vegetarian rennet.

Serve a glass of porter with the Porter Cheddar or your favorite red or white with either.

Learn more about Cheddar cheese, the favorite of ancient monarchs.

  Cahill's Farm Cheddar
Cheddars, flavored with porter, elderberry wine and Irish whiskey, respectively. The first two can be renamed “blood Cheddar” for Halloween. Serve Cahill’s Cheddar With Porter with a glass of porter or a chardonnay. It’s available at iGourmet.

English Cheddar With Harissa

A popular spice blend in North African cuisine, harissa is a hot chile paste. The recipe is up to the spice-maker, but typically includes red chiles and coriander seeds, along with toasted cumin seeds, garlic, smoked paprika and parsley. They are ground and mixed with a bit of olive oil to create a paste.

This cheese combines the sharp, tangy flavor of fine English Cheddar with a chile bite. Both the bite and the color are perfect for Halloween.


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  Cheddar With Harissa
Red harissa paste gives this Cheddar its orange color and spicy flavor. It’s available at iGourmet. You can also purchase a jar of harissa to add some heat to any dish.



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