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A wedge to catch the eye at a party: Saxonshire, with layers of five different cheeses. All cheeses available from All photography courtesy




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October 2010
Last Updated October 2012

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Halloween Party Food

Page 3: Oh-So-Orange Layered Cheeses & Other Perfect Halloween Cheese


This is Page 3 of a three-page article on Halloween cheeses as gourmet Halloween party food. Click on the black links below to visit other pages.


Saxonshire Cheese

Great Britain has two exciting cheeses with bright orange layers. The first, seen in the photo at left, is also called “five counties cheese” because (you guessed it!) the five cheese layers are from different counties: Caerphilly, Cheshire, Double Gloucester, Leicester and Cheddar.

The appearance of Saxonshire is dramatic and the combination of flavors is delightful. This eye-catching cheese is popular at holiday gatherings, served with simple crackers, tart apples and walnuts. Pair it with a light red wine or a crisp white wine.

Huntsman Cheese

Combine a blue moon with an autumn moon and you’ve got Huntsman cheese. It’s a modern marriage of mellow, satiny Double Gloucester cheese and creamy blue Stilton, brought together through a complex layering process. The result is a flavor combination that is as delicious as the cheese is handsome.

Serve Huntsman with unsalted crackers—as Stilton contributes a bit of saltiness—sliced apples and walnuts.

You can also serve it shred on top of chili, soup or stew; and with a piece of apple pie.

Both Saxonshire and Huntsman cheeses are made from pasteurized cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

Shine on harvest moon, with this delicious Huntsman cheese. It’s available at iGourmet.


Mimolette is a cow’s milk cheese, fascinating for its round ball shape and vibrant, harvest moon color (which comes from annatto—depending on the amount used, the cheese can be light to deep orange). The balls of Mimolette are aged from 6 to 18 months, during which the cheese is kept in a damp environment. There, thousands of microscopic cheese mites feed on the rind. This natural process gives the cheese its unique appearance, and also its unique flavor. The younger varieties are comparable in taste and aroma to Parmesan and can be used in the same way. As the cheese ages, it takes on a chewier and harder texture and hints of butter and hazelnuts. The longer the cheese ages, the more we like it.

Mimolette: a round ball of cheese. Photo courtesy

Mimolette lends itself well to dishes that call grated cheese: gratins, pastas, salads and soups, for example. It also makes a visual splash when you bring it to the table to grate. Mimolette is a wonderful addition to the Halloween cheese plate. Serve it with apples or pears. For a wine pairing, try a dessert wine like moscato, sweet Riesling, port or sherry.

The cheese is also called boule de Lille; boule meaning ball, scoop or bowl, and Lille being the French town where Mimolette was first ripened. It is also known as the French Edam, dating back to the reign of French King Louis XIV (1643-1715). His chief minister, Colbert, had banned the import of many foreign goods, including Edam cheese. In Flanders, the northernmost region of France with strong cultural ties to Holland, Edam was especially missed. The villagers began to make their own “Edam” style cheese, changing the shape and color.


Pecorino With Chile Flakes

A sophisticated alternative to pepper jack and other spicy cheeses, Chili Pepper Pecorino is a sheep’s milk cheese dotted with red pepperoncini (most often seen in their less mature green state in Italian antipasti and Greek salads).

Aged for over three months, the cheese has a firm texture that makes it a good candidate for slicing or grating. The moderate spiciness tickles the back of the throat without setting one’s mouth on fire. The herbaceous flavor of sheep’s milk cheese pairs nicely with the spicy chile.

Serve with beer or a hearty, spicy wine like Zinfandel.

Learn more about Pecorino Romano cheese.

  Red Chile Pecorino Cheese
Red chile pepper flakes dot this sheep’s milk cheese. It’s available at iGourmet.


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