Valentine Cheese - Coeur du Berry

Coeur du Berry is available plain or ash-covered, as shown above.



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February 2007

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Heart-Shaped Cheese

The Perfect Cheeses For Valentine’s Day

CAPSULE REPORT: For Valentine’s Day, most cheesemongers offer heart-shaped cheeses. Whether for your Significant Other or your family, they are certain to delight. Make it an annual tradition.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, many cheese-lovers make the traditional Coeur à la Crème for dessert. But if you’d rather assemble a plate of delicious heart-shaped cheeses for a cheese plate, head to the best cheese store in town. They’re certain to offer a few heart-shaped delights for the big day. Each is different, so they can be enjoyed together for a special Valentine’s Day cheese feast. Some are available year-round for engagements and anniversaries.

Serve the cheeses with thin slices of baguette, walnut bread or a raisin semolina loaf. Crackers are too hard for these delicate cheeses; some cheese lovers avoid bread products totally to focus on the cheese, as most have the consistency of cheesecake.

Decorate the plate with fresh raspberries and strawberries. If you can’t find good berries, slice apples and pears, and scatter the plate with dried red cherries and/or cranberries.



Fresh Chèvre:
Coeur du Berry


“Get fresh” with this fresh goat cheese from France. Young and tangy from the venerable Fromagerie Jacquin in France, this cheese is available plain (at right) or ash-covered (photo top left).

  • 6-Ounce Cheese

Heart Shaped Cheese - Coeur du Berry
Heart Shaped Goat Cheese - Coach Farm

Aged Chèvre:
Coach Farm Aged Chèvre


This semi-soft, bloomy-rinded goat cheese is made in Dutchess County, New York. The cheese is creamy and lightly lemony, with a little mineral tang from the bloomy rind.

  • 7-Ounce Cheese

Chèvre Hearts:
Capriole Goat Cheese


Capriole Goat Cheese enables you to say “I love you” year-round with this loving assortment of three six-ounce goat cheese hearts: A 6-ounce fresh chèvre heart with pink peppercorns, a 6-ounce ripened chèvre heart and a 6-ounce Bourbon-chocolate chèvre heart. Outside of February, a two-week advance order is required.

  • Three 6-Ounce Cheeses

Capriole Goat Cheese
River's Edge Chevre

River’s Edge Chèvre
Hand-Crafted Goat Cheese


From Oregon’s Central Coast Range come these hand-crafted, surface-ripened cheeses: Petite Bonheur, full of pink peppercorns; Heart’s Desire, a smoky cheese coated with paprika; and Old Flame, a silky and dense cheese.

  • Heart-Shaped Cheeses, Size Varies
    $2 Per Ounce


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