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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.


June 2009

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Cheese-Butter-Yogurt

Oikos Yogurt

Organic Greek Yogurt (It’s Kosher, Too)

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Oikos Yogurt Varieties

Oikos Greek Yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, but not as thick as FAGE Total Greek yogurt or other newcomer Chobani, both of which can pass for thick sour cream. There’s a big difference in the texture—with Oikos being more like “normal” yogurt—as well as the flavor. Whereas FAGE Total and Chobani can sometimes pass for sour cream (wishful thinking), Oikos is definitely yogurt.

The line nonfat (0%), from 90 calories to 110 calories per 5.3-ounce container. (Lordy, will these containers ever stop shrinking? A few years ago, one could enjoy eight ounces of yogurt, then six, now 5.3? We’re hungry adults—not kindergartners.) The yogurts contain five live and active cultures, including L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei.

Plain Oikos Yogurt

The Plain nonfat (0%) yogurt is very mild with a natural sweet flavor.

Oikos Flavored Yogurt

The fruit flavors are sundae-style yogurt (fruit on the bottom); the vanilla is already integrated, no stirring required.

Blueberry, Honey, Strawberry and Vanilla all read the script very well. For people looking for an organic-certified Greek yogurt, Oikos is a welcome addition to the dairy case.


Vanilla Oikos Yogurt
Oikos Vanilla Yogurt.


Blueberry, Honey, Plain,
Strawberry, Vanilla

Certified kosher OU (Dairy)

  • 5.3-Ounce Container
  • 16-Ounce Container
    (Plain & Vanilla Varieties)

Available at retailers nationwide.

Price and product availability are
verified at publication but are
subject to change.

For more information, visit


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Oikos Yogurt

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