All ketchups are hardly created equal, as you’ll see in our review of 42 different brands. Photo © Claudio Beldini | Fotolia.





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STEPHANIE ZONIS is a Contributing Editor at THE NIBBLE.



October 2007
Updated November 2008

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A Fresh Look At Ketchup

Page 6: Tomato Ketchup Reviews ~ C To G


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Tomato-Based Ketchups C To G

  • Catsup a la Tomate*Catsup à la Tomate (Tomato Catsup) (photo at the right). Aroma: intense tomato. Taste: tomatoes! The sweetness of tomatoes with not much of a sugar or spice flavor and some vinegar aftertaste. Thinner consistency than most. A pain to open, but a favorite for flavor. No nutrition information. Imported from France. First ingredient: tomatoes. Sweetener: sugar. Bottle is corked, then capped with wax, although there is another sealing mechanism once the catsup is opened. No date code.


  • Cherry Republic Cherry Ketchup. Aroma: cooked tomato, slight spice. Taste: sweet, salty, tomato, spice, but without the strong vinegar afterburn prevalent in many tomato-based ketchups. Contains dark sweet cherries. Thicker than most. No nutrition information. First ingredient: tomato paste. Sweetener: corn syrup. No decipherable date code.
  • Del Monte Ketchup. Aroma: faint, cooked tomatoes and vinegar. Taste: sweet, salty, sour, tomato, with a powerful vinegar aftertaste. Per one tablespoon serving: 15 calories, 4g sugars, 190mg sodium. First ingredient: tomato concentrate. Sweetener: corn syrup. Date coded. Certified kosher by Triangle K Kosher Supervision.
  • Gold’s Ketchup with a Hint of Horseradish. Aroma: vinegar and horseradish/peppery. Taste: tomato, vinegar, and horseradish, with a strong vinegar/horseradish aftertaste. Slightly chunky texture. Per one tablespoon serving: 5 calories, 1g sugar, 60mg sodium. First ingredient: tomato paste. Sweetener: sugar. No decipherable date code. Certified kosher by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations.

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