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May 2011

Product Reviews / Cookies, Cake & Pastry / Cookies & Brownies

Brownie Mixes From Baked Bakery

Page 2: Brownie Flavors


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Baked Brownie Flavors

The mixes turn out brownies that are nearly identical to the recipes used at the bakery, and feature all-natural premium ingredients. The Guittard cocoa and Callebaut chocolate add depth while the malted barley flour imparts a natural sweetness. We were instant fans of all three brownie flavors and eagerly gobbled them up.

Each brownie mix comes with a packet of dry mix and chocolate chips. All you have to do is add butter and eggs (and your favorite peanut butter for the peanut butter variety). We should note that the mixes call for a lot of butter and eggs—sometimes as much as two whole sticks of butter and five eggs. But that makes for deliciously rich brownies so our taste buds (if not our waistlines) are willing to ignore all the calories.

Deep Dark Chocolate Brownie
It’s easy to see why Baked’s original brownie has such a devoted following. The sweet treat has a thin, crackly crust that gives way to a dense, gooey and intensely fudgy center—biting into one is like biting into the brownie version of a chocolate molten cake. We especially like the subtle bitter chocolate and coffee undertones and that the brownies are rich yet not heavy or greasy.

Peanut Butter Brownie
Chocolate and peanut butter are a magical combination and the two come together perfectly in this mix. The brownies boast the same crisp crust and dark, fudgy interior as the deep dark chocolate version but benefit from the added warmth and sweetness of the creamy peanut butter we mixed into the batter (we used Wild Harvest organic creamy peanut butter).

Next time, we’ll try using crunchy peanut butter to give the brownies a bit of texture, or enhancing them with flavored spreads like Peanut Butter & Co.’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl peanut butter.


Peanut Butter Brownies: a happy combination.

Brown Sugar Blondie
The blondies aren’t gooey like their chocolate and peanut butter counterparts, but they are satisfyingly chewy, buttery and nicely sweet. The deep flavor of the dark brown sugar really shines and is nicely complemented by a touch of malt and two kinds of chocolate chips: Guittard milk chocolate and Callebaut semisweet chocolate.

Even those of us who don’t usually like blondies found ourselves reaching for seconds (and thirds).


Deep Dark Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Brownie, Brown Sugar Blondie

  • Brownie Mix
    Approximately 2 Pounds

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  Baked Brownie Mixes



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