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July 2008

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A Glossary Of Exotic & Heirloom Vegetables

Page 11: Exotic & Heirloom Onion Types


CAPSULE REPORT: This is Page 11 of a 15-page glossary of a glossary of exotic and heirloom vegetables. Click on the black links below to see other pages.



We’ll continue to add to this selection of onion types.

Onions Get To Know Me

Chinese Leek

Also known as Chinese chive, the Chinese leek has a delicate garlic-chive flavor. It can be chopped and prepared in a variety of dishes, but is best tempura-fried or grilled whole.

Available year-round.

chinese leeks

Cippolini Onion

A flat Italian pearl onion with a solid white flesh and sweet, mild flavor. It is traditionally served roasted or baked, but also works well on kebabs. A classic Italian recipe is to glaze them with balsamic vinegar as part of an antipasto (shown at right).

Available year-round.

Cippoline Onions
Cippoline glazed in balsamic, available from


This plant is also referred to as a wild leek. The entire plant is edible and tastes like a strong combination of onion and garlic. They are extremely popular in the cooking of Quebec and are often fried, but can be adapted to a variety of dishes.

Available March to May.


Red Baron Scallion

Bright red from the base to the lower leaves, the red baron scallion is so pretty that it could qualify as an ornamental plant in a garden or a centerpiece. However, it is also pungent and flavorful, and can substitute for green scallions in any dish.

Seeds available from

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