Turbinado SugarTurbinado sugar is a raw sugar that retains the nutrients that refined white sugar processes away. Photo © Liv Friis-Larsen | Fotolia.



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November 2006

Last Updated April 2017

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Different Sugars: A Glossary Of Sugar & Syrup Types

Page 7: Turbinado Sugar & Other Terms With T To Z



This is Page 7 of a seven-page glossary of different sugars. Click on the black links below to visit other pages. Find many more glossaries of favorite foods.

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See granulated sugar.




The British term for dark molasses. Light treacle (TREE-cul) is what Americans call golden syrup. This is the lighter syrup which is produced when the sugar cane juice is first boiled.

Lyle’s Black Treacle. Photo by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.


A specialty brown sugar cane extract whose name derives because it is created when spun in a cylinder or turbine while being sprayed. It is considered a raw sugar, similar to but more refined than demerara sugar. White sugar is the result of removing the molasses from turbinado sugar, and brown sugar is the result of adding molasses to white sugar. Turbinado sugar is large-grained and paler than brown sugar (it is actually golden brown in color) with a honey-like flavor, and can be substituted for it in recipes, to top cereal (try it on oatmeal), crème brûlée, or in coffee. Sugar In The Raw is a prominent brand name of turbinado sugar.

  Turbinado Sugar
Turbinado sugar. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.



See superfine sugar.



Unrefined cane sugar is made from raw sugar; the nutrients, flavor and color have not been removed. Barley malt, raw honey, maple syrup and rice syrup are also considered unrefined sweeteners, since they undergo minimal processing during production. Although a better choice than refined sweeteners, they still provide calories and should be consumed in moderation. See also raw sugar.



Vanilla-flavored granulated sugar can be purchased commercially or made by placing a vanilla bean in a sealed pound canister of granulated sugar for at least week.



See granulated sugar.



A whole sweetener is one that has not been refined, like raw sugar, or which otherwise has more flavor and nutritive value than refined white sugars, which. Some other whole sweeteners include agave, date sugar, fruit juice, honey and maple syrup.


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  Vanilla Sugar
Nielsen-Massey’s vanilla sugar. Photo by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.



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