stack of unusual jelly candies
Kids may need to be reminded to eat their greens, brush their teeth, and keep their elbows off the table, but no one needs to remind them to enjoy their candy—especially when it’s a specialty treat. Photo copyright Marta Rostek | SXC.



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Gourmet Foods for Kids

Quality Yummies for Little Tummies



If your little ones shun processed cheese in favor of Taleggio or love to help out in the kitchen, these foods will keep them happy. If they don’t already know the difference between Hershey and Valrhona, you can use these gourmet kids’ foods to train young palates. Ask them to taste and see the difference. They will!

Whether you need an idea for school lunches and afternoon snacks, are planning a slumber party for third-graders or want to teach your kids to appreciate cuisine, we’ve got the foods that will open their eyes to vistas beyond fast-food and pizza. All of our choices make great gifts for kids, too. If you have a favorite, use the Contact Us link on this page to tell us about it.

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Nibble Tip

Teach kids to develop their palates by having a weekly tasting of something familiar to them. It can be different brands of cream cheese, vanilla ice creams, chocolate bars, cupcakes, muffins. Create a list of terms—sweet/salty, dense/light, spicy/bland, dry/moist—and different flavors that they can look to identify. Rather than just, “I don't know why, I just like it,” they’ll soon be more articulate than many adults. Make it a game to keep adding to your list of terms each week.

assortment of gourmet chocolates
Your kids will love learning what it means to have a "sophisticated palate" when it means trying a variety of chocolates. Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.