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All-Natural Doggie Treats by Harry Barker. Fragrant dog treats that may have your dog performing tricks you never thought possible.




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MELODY LAN is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE.™


January 2006

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Harry Barker

Beg-Worthy, Wholesome, Low-Fat Pet Snacks


Harry Barker was first created on the kitchen table of Carol Perkins, who found that her enjoyable and relaxing hobby—knitting and sewing quilts and pillows for her friends and their dogs—burgeoned into a successful company dedicated to the love of pets. With a full line of upscale pet products, including sophisticated yet wholesome pet treats, Harry Barker, company, was named after Carol’s beloved sheltie.

As with people food, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between pet treats that are actually good for your dog or cat versus treats that just taste good. If you’ve taken a look at the contents contained in cat nip or dog biscuits, you’re likely to find ingredients you don’t understand.

One of the things we like about Harry Barker products is the product quality. We know what’s going into the little (or big) tummies of our cats and dogs: simple, all natural ingredients we might eat ourselves. We can spend more time pampering them instead of worrying what they shouldn’t be eating.

bird dog biscuits, Harry Barker
Bird Dog Biscuits are made with all natural ingredients to please canine taste buds as well as the health concerns you have for your pooches.

The Bird Dog Biscuits, low in fat, are the classic milk bones, but without the overload of salt and preservatives. Our favorite is the All Natural Doggie Treats that come in Peanut Butter or Bacon flavor. Approved by Spectrum Veterinary Allergy Labs as hypo-allergenic, these treats are also low-fat and do not contain salt, sugar, or preservatives—just rice flour, potato flour, pearled barley flour, brewers yeast, canola oil and whole egg, plus flavor. Skye, our resident pet food taste tester, loves these treats so much that you can hear his hopeful pattering feet quicken once he hears the glass jar click open—he can hear it even if he’s in another room!

Harry Barker takes care of feline friends as well. The Kitty Mouse Cat Treats contain a tasty blend of salmon, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberries, apples, cranberries, alfalfa sprouts, and parsley. Enriched with vitamins & minerals, these kernel-like nibbles may have your kitty running to obey your command in exchange a treat (as if!).

Harry Barker products are baked in the U.S. and packaged in airtight containers.

You have every right to be concerned with your pet’s nutrition as well as your own. Stick with wholesome pet snacks infused with delectable flavors, and you’ll know that your loved companions are enjoying their treats as much as you enjoy yours.

Harry Barker
Treats for Cats and Dogs

  • All-Natural Doggie Treats
    1-Pound Glass Jar

  • Bird Dog Biscuits
    ¾-Pound Tin

  • Kitty Mouse Cat Treats
    6-Ounce Can

  • Kitty Mouse Cat Nip
    1-1/4 Ounce Tin

Purchase online at

Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

cat treats
Cat treats tasty enough for a picky kitty.
Photo by Elton Lin.

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