bobby enjoying some gourmet dog treats

Reward your best buddy with dog cookies that will please his puppy palate. Photo by Sean Barrett.



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Gourmet Dog & Cat Treats

Treating Your Favorite Friend to Something Special


Pets have palates too: We have watched them go so wild over some of our NIBBLE dog and cat treats. They listen for the sound of the box, and even pass up the grilled chicken and beef to get to the delicacies. One dog mom watching the taste testers asked us, “Are you sure this is dog food?”

The best gourmet pet treats are natural, healthy treats made from human-quality ingredients, and these companies use them. We’ve rounded-up treats that will please the pet parents who want to be sure their babies eat the best, but who also love to spoil them. Rover will roll over, sit, shake and play dead just to get his paws on these dog cookies.

If you have a favorite gourmet dog food, cat food or dog bakery, please tell us about it.

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Nibble Tip

Keep special gourmet pet treats in the pantry for animal guests along with your people treats. Your human guests will be extra-appreciative that you’ve thought to provide more than an ordinary Milk Bone for your animal visitor.


These yummy donuts are gourmet dog treats from
Taxi Bakery. Photo by Melody Lan.