Vanilla BeansVanilla is the second costliest spice in the world, after saffron. Photo of vanilla beans by Joan Vicent Canto | IST.



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November 2008

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Salts & Seasonings

Vanilla: The World’s Favorite Flavor

Page 9: Where To Buy Fine Vanilla


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Best Vanilla Book

We loved reading Patricia Rain’s beautifully-written and informative book, Vanilla: A Cultural History of the World's Favorite Flavor and Fragrance. It is out of print, but copies are available on









Vanilla: A Cultural History
Photo by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.

Vanilla Extract

We tested products from the following producers. Online shopping is provided. Some of the products can be found at fine specialty food stores or baking ingredient stores. Prices and availability at the particular retailers are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Aust & Hachmann

Tahitian Vanilla Extract
(3) 32-Ounce Bottles, $117.57 (ground shipping included)
Hawaiian Vanilla Company

Hawaiian Vanilla Extract
4 Ounces, $17.50

Madagascan Vanilla Extract, Triple-Concentrated
2 Ounces, 59 ml, $15.95

Bourbon Vanilla Extract
4 Ounces, $13.50
Rain’s Choice

Mexican Vanilla Extract
Wholesale Only
32 Ounces, $25.00

Madecasse Vanilla Extract
One of our favorite extracts, from Madécasse. Photo by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.


Vanilla Beans

Aust & Hachmann

For a retailer near you, write


Madagascan Vanilla Beans
2 Beans /Package, $8.50
Rain’s Choice

Mexican Vanilla Beans
½ lb., $45.00
Tahitian Vanilla Beans
½ lb., $135.00





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Tahitian Vanilla
Tahitian vanilla beans from Aust & Hachmann.
Photo by Claire Freierman | THE NIBBLE.





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