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A good wine can be quite affordable. Photo by Steve Sadler | SXC.


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Affordable Wine Finds For Food Fans

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Our wine editor, Kris Prasad, is also a great chef. How did he become one? Necessity is the mother of invention: He needed to make a great dinner every night to pair with his wines. The better he learned to cook, the more he had to learn to look for great, affordable everyday wines. We’ve learned from Kris that you don’t need to open a ’61 Petrus to have a fabulous wine experience. In fact, true collectors take joy in finding those wonderfully complex wines for $25 and those delicious, less complex wines for half of that: value wines. Here, we write about value wines for everyday and holidays. Email Kris with your questions about wine.

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Free The Grapes!
Do you live in a state that doesn’t allow
shipments from out-of-state wineries?
That’s because your local wine distributors
and retailers are protecting their turf—
and denying you freedom of choice.
Free the Grapes! is a national, grassroots
coalition of consumers, wineries and retailers
who seek to remove restrictions
in states that still prohibit consumers
from purchasing wines directly from
wineries and out-of-state retailers.
Take a stand at


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Nibble Tip

We love foie gras and can never decide what preparation we’d like to have. That’s why whenever we’re doing the preparing, we create our signature “Foie Gras Varièes”—some of each. We start with a duck liver mousse-stuffed prune, some mousse on a square of toasted brioche, some terrine of foie gras, and some warm foie gras. Serve two different sweet wines—a Sauternes and a Riesling, a Gewürtztraminer or a Vouvray—so your guests can enjoy pairing different wines with the course.

foie grasPhoto of foie gras by Chef Ric Tramonto, Restaurant Tru, Chicago.