Attune Probiotic BarAttune produces the first probiotic candy bars and granola bars “with Daily Probiotics” (see the green sentence on the label). Read our full review of Attune Wellness Bars.



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May 2008

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles

Probiotic Foods: 2008 Update

Part VII: Foods Containing Probiotics, Prebiotics Or Both ~ Bars, Cereals


This is Part VII of a ten-part article. Use the article index below to click among the pages. In this section, we take a look at brands of fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut and pickles) and miso products that have probiotic, prebiotic and/or synbiotic benefits. Some of these products have only regional distribution. If they aren’t available in your area, you can ask your retailer to bring them in.




Nutrition & Granola Bars

Attune Foods has expanded its offerings since last year. The company has three flavors of a “Chocolate Probiotic Wellness Bar” (Chocolate Crisp, Dark Chocolate and Mint Chocolate), a Blueberry Vanilla Probiotic Bar and four varieties of a “Granola Probiotic Wellness Bar” (including Lemon Crème, Mango Peach and Strawberry Bliss—see photo above). All bars contain “five times the live active cultures in yogurt.” These bars are synbiotics, with both inulin and probiotics as ingredients. Read THE NIBBLE’s review of Attune Wellness Bars.

According to the publication Food Business Review, Lifeway Foods has introduced Lifeway Kefir Barprobiotic-containing Kefir Wellness snack bars. These bars will be available in several flavors, including Chocolate Crisp and Pomegranate. As of this writing (May 2008), they are not yet on the company’s website. According to Lifeway’s press representative, these bars contain the same ten probiotic cultures found in the company’s kefir.

Kashi BarsKashi uses chicory root fiber (containing inulin and oligofructose) in most of its Chewy Granola Bars (with one exception), as well as its Crunchy Granola Bars, GOLEAN Chewy Bars, GOLEAN Crunchy! Bars and GOLEAN! Roll Bars.



Probiotic Cereals

Right now, it’s unusual to find a cereal containing probiotics. The sole example of which I’m aware is Vive, made by Kashi. However, some cereals contain inulin and/or other prebiotics. The “chicory root fiber” listed as an ingredient in Kashi GOLEAN Hot Cereal and GOLEAN Crunch! Cereals consists of inulin and oligofructose, according to Kashi’s press representative. 

Optimum Zen CerealOther companies manufacture cereals containing inulin as well.

  • Nature’s Path makes three cereals with inulin: organic Optimum Zen Cranberry-Ginger and two of the Weil by Nature’s Path Hot Oatmeals (Veri-Berry and Chocolada Almond).
  • The 365 Organic line from Whole Foods Markets contains inulin in at least one cereal (Cosmic Cocos), where it’s described as a “natural source of dietary fiber.” 
  • The Kraft Foods LiveActive roster has two cereals under the Post brand name (Mixed Berry Crunch and Nut Harvest Crunch), both with inulin.


Probiotic Infant Formula

Nestle Nutrition Good Start Natural Cultures was introduced in May 2007. This formula contains Bifidus BL, “beneficial cultures like those found in breastmilk,” according to the manufacturer, “to help support Baby’s healthy immune system.”

Other Probiotic Foods

One of the more unusual products to contain a prebiotic is a drink mix. As part of its LiveActive Crystal LightLiveActive line, Kraft Foods is producing inulin-containing drink mixes in two varieties (Mixed Berry and Raspberry Peach) under the Crystal Light brand.

TLC Cookies and GOLEAN Shakes, both produced by Kashi, include chicory root fiber (in this case, inulin and oligofructose).

Look for products from Snacktrition, which are just rolling out. This is a line of baked, nut-based snacks that are quite appealing. Right now, three of the five types available contain inulin: the Sea Salt Cashews, Salt & Pepper Cashews and Fruit & Nut Mix make first-class munchies. I just hope you have more willpower around them than I do!


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