gourmet mussel recipe magazineCan you eat healthy and still be a gourmet? Just look at these savory mussels from Eating Well magazine.




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Cooking Magazines

Whether you’re the most ambitious cook, just learning, or want to eat like a gourmet the healthy way, there’s a magazine or two for you.

Know someone who just moved into a new home, or remodeled a kitchen? Send a magazine, and you’ll get invited to taste the results. If you have food-loving friends who are always starting diets, Cooking Light or Eating Well could open up new vistas.

To subscribe to any of these magazines, simply click the bold link or the cover photo.

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  • Bon Appétit. Bon Appétit is required reading for foodies who love to entertain and pride themselves on knowing who’s who and who’s next in the restaurant world.


bon apetit
cooking light magazine subscription
  • Cooking Light. Cooking Light focuses on making healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding the trappings of fad diets and risky weight-loss methods. Each issue features healthy recipes that are simple enough for new home cooks to master and tasty enough to satisfy the most discriminating palate.
  • Cook’s Illustrated. Cook’s Illustrated provides readers with recipes, cooking techniques, and product and food recommendations extensively developed in their test kitchen—the same kitchen featured on the cooking show, America’s Test Kitchen. This is an excellent magazine for beginners who are interested in developing cooking techniques and learning the basics of many aspects of the kitchen.
cook's illustrated
eating well magazine subscription
  • Eating Well. Eating Well is the award-winning Magazine of Food & Health. It offers a balance of cooking and nutrition features. Readers will find inspiration to shop smarter, cook lighter (and quicker), and dine better.
  • Food & Wine. Food & Wine is a magazine that explores all aspects of the epicurean lifestyle—from cooking, entertaining, wine and food pairing, to home decorating, travel, dining out, spirits, tabletop design and new appliances and equipment.
food and wine subscription
gourmet magazine subscription
  • Gourmet. Gourmet balances life’s pleasures—travel, food, culture and entertaining. Beyond simply touring or traveling, Gourmet’s readers use the magazine to live a destination, becoming part of the local culture by following in the writer’s footsteps. Gourmet’s travel issues go beyond food and drink and are truly an indispensable guide when visiting a foreign city.
    NOTE: This magazine folded in November, 2009.
  • Saveur. Saveur is an award-winning food and travel magazine that that transports you to tables around the world through beautiful photography, stories and recipes.
saveur magazine



Nibble Tip

Make kids a part of meal planning. Let them pick out dishes from a magazine that appeal to them and enlist their help in the preparation. You will be surprised what children will be willing to do with enthusiasm if they feel empowered and an important part of the process.

fennel chicken flatbread pizza
Recipes like this chicken and fennel flatbread pizza encourage children to explore new flavors and ingredients in a way that is familiar. Photo courtesy of Eating Well magazine.










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