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We love getting food-related magazines in the mail—not just because we enjoy the leisure reading, but because they expand our horizons. Reading about great Chilean wines, modern French culinary trends or 10 ways to bake an oatmeal cookie is a great way to unwind.

Subscriptions make great gifts for foodie friends and family, and you don’t have to search: we’ve gathered them up for you. To make even easier, we’ve divided them by sections, according to interest.

We have divided this section into the following categories:

If you’d like to recommend a favorite magazine on food, wine, cooking or other gourmet-related items, click here.


Nibble Tip

Our shelves are packed with magazines that we can't bear to part with because they are filled with so many great recipes and guides. In order to spare us the clutter, many magazines put out compilations of the recipes that appeared in the magazine. At the end of each year, we replace our stack with a beautiful new book and can sleep at night knowing our favorite recipes are close at hand.

(That’s one reason we made THE NIBBLE™ an online magazine—no paper clutter, and you know you can always find a copy of that article or product review on this website.)

shelf with too many magazines
Don’t let your home turn into this. Check out the compilations from Gourmet, Food & Wine, Cook's Illustrated and others. Photo courtesy of stock.xchng





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