rosemaryIt’s a beautiful and fragrant garden plant—and it’s also delicious rosemary, ready to garnish your plates and to be snipped into eggs, soups, stews, salads, roasts, focaccia, and sorbet. The shelter magazines marry kitchen and garden interests. Photo courtesy of




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Known in the industry as “shelter” magazines because they focus on one’s personal shelter, or home, these magazines have articles on entertaining that feature tabletop, food, wine, decor, and other areas related to dining and entertaining.

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  • Architectural Digest. Architectural Digest, the leading international magazine of interior design, takes the reader on adventures to the homes of celebrities and leaders in entertainment, business, society, and the arts.


architectural digest magazine
dwell magazine cover image
  • Dwell. Dwell champions an aesthetic in home design that is modern, idea-driven, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Written for young, intelligent urbanites, Dwell helps people shape their own living spaces in ways that express beauty, simplicity, comfort, and new sense of openness.
  • Elle Decor. Elle Decor presents top-of-the-line interiors with a younger, more sophisticated, and more whimsical air than most of its competitors. Nestled somewhere between pristine Architectural Digest and the Gen-X Wallpaper, Elle Decor is a colorful, imaginative, and reliable source for interior design ideas


elle decor magazines cover
house and garden magazine
  • House & Garden. House & Garden features design and decorator ideas, gardens, celebrity houses, travel, food, wine and entertaining from around the world.


Nibble Tip

Don’t toss garlic and onions that have sprouted greens. Transform them into an eye-catching conversation pieces. Think “flower bulbs” and placed them in bowls, ikebana dishes, glass teacups, or wherever your creativity guides you. If you don’t have florist-quality gravel or wood chips, you can anchor them in rock salt, kosher or sea salt (moisten the salt slightly if you need “traction.”)

overgrown onions in a pot
Onions gone wild. Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.





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