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We love reading lifestyle magazines—they give us a little bit of everything wonderful. To subscribe to one of the magazines, simply click the bold link or the cover photo.

If you’d like to recommend a favorite lifestyle magazine, click here.


  • Martha Stewart Living. Each issue of the Domestic Diva’s guide to stylish living is filled with ideas for making your home more inviting and your meals more exciting. You’ll find ideas and tips for entertaining, decorating, and gardening with panache.


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o oprah winfrey magazine
  • O. O aims to give smart women the confidence to express their individual style and to make choices that will lead to a happier more fulfilling life—just like Oprah. The magazine features many shopping, dining and entertaining suggestions—plus Oprah’s favorite food of the month.
  • Real Simple . Real Simple is the new magazine for the way you want to live. You'll find real simple solutions to streamline the ways you manage your life. We love their helpful and creative tips on anything from reducing clutter and finding multiple uses for things we already have lying around the house to saving time and reducing stress.


real simple



Nibble Tip

Dishes with attitude can make regular food seem more special. There’s no need to keep beauties like these for Asian-inspired meals—although the two combined would be spectacular. Serve anything from everyday tomato soup or chilled cucumber soup in the bowls...a tuna sandwich to tuna salad niçoise to grilled tuna steaks on the plates.

asian dishes
Photo courtesy of stock.xchng.





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