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September 21, 2004

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Honey, I’m in love with you.

Palette Infused Honeys:
Honey, I'm Home…And Buzzing!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We regret that this wonderful line has been discontinued. Find other fine honeys.


We had never tasted sophisticated, infused honeys until we came across Palette’s cutting edge trio. Now, we buzz for flavored honey. Can we ever go back to plain honey again?

The innovative artists at Palette Fine Foods have done for honey what Mies van der Rohe did for architecture: made us see things in a whole new light. They’ve married the finest prairie flower honey (like clover honey but a blend of rural field flower honeys) with star anise, lavender, and yes, chili. The results are simply spectacular.

We can’t stop eating it…on bread, muffins, scones, biscuits, pretzels, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, duck, ham...any excuse for another taste. Try a dab of Star Anise Honey in your spinach salad dressing. Lavender Honey turns a fruit plate into a gala event. Both do amazing things to pastry cream. Chili Honey mixed with butter into “chili honey butter,” transforms grilled salmon and fresh steamed vegetables.

If you passionately love honey, merely like honey, or have ever dabbled with the idea of trying honey…race to the nearest retail store or e-tailer and get a jar of each flavored honey. They make great host/hostess gifts and stocking stuffers, too.

— Karen Hochman

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You must, must, must have all 3 of these amazing
flavored honeys.


Star Anise Honey, Lavender Honey,
Chili Honey

  • 10-Ounce Jar

Order online at

For retail locations or other e-tailers,
click here.


honey-loving friends.

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