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December 5, 2006

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Beehive Bundt
Have them buzzing when you present this Beehive Bundt: for summers, for your honey, for National Honey Month (September) or anytime you want to cause a buzz. Photography courtesy of Nordicware.
WHAT IT IS: Gourmet cake mixes and decorative Bundt cake pans.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: The gourmet cake mixes have not one-dimensional flavors, but complex elements. Combined with the festive new Bundt pan designs, edible masterpieces can be made by anyone.
WHY WE LOVE IT: It couldn’t be easier to make something this impressive. (That’s what specialty food is all about!)

Nordicware Bundt Cakes
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Entertaining With Bundt Cakes: A Year Of Holiday Bundts

After 50 years of the classic Bundt, Nordic Ware introduced the elegant Star Bundt in 2000, the first new design, to celebrate the anniversary. In 2003 a cornucopia of designs debuted: Now there are 38 regular bundts plus holiday-specific ones. If space and money is no object, you can plan for a year of Bundt magic—or, get together with a group of friends, get the major ones, and share. Only a sampling can be shown in this newsletter, but all of the designs—plus other types of cake pans we haven’t listed—can be seen on the Nordic Ware website. Be sure to click on the pan design to see what the finished cake looks like in full color. Our suggestions for a year of Bundt festivities:

  • January (Super Bowl Sunday): Stadium Bundt
  • February (Valentine’s Day): Beehive Bundt (for your “honey”), Mini Heart Baking Pan, Elegant Heart, Quilted Heart Bundt
  • March (Spring): Violet Bundt Pan
  • April (Easter): Cathedral Bundt Pan
  • May (Mother’s Day): Rose Bundt
    Cake, Sweetheart Rose Muffin Pan
  • June (Summer): Beehive Bundt, Carousel Bundt, Daisy Cake Pan, Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pan
  • July (Independence Day, Bastille Day): American Star Bundt, Beehive Bundt, Fleur de Lois Bundt, Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pan
The Stadium Bundt
The Stadium Bundt—ready for Super Bowl Sunday.

Castle Bundt
The Castle Bundt Cake—a.k.a. the Sand Castle. We loved it with the Sticky Toffee Pudding Bundt cake mix (see Page 2).

  • August (Summer): Beehive Bundt, Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Pan, Sand Castle Bundt, Wildflower Cake Pan
  • September (Harvest): Sunflower Bundt
  • October (Fall): Chrysanthemum Bundt, Maple Leaf Pan, Pumpkin Loaf Bundt, 3-D Great Pumpkin Bundt
  • November (Thanksgiving): Bavaria Bundt Pan, Fancy Marianne Pan, Pumpkin Loaf Bundt, Turkey Bundt
  • December (Christmas): Festival Party Bundt, Fairytale Cottage Bundt, Gingerbread Loaf Pan, Holiday Wreath Cake Pan, Holiday Tree Bundt, Holiday Star Bundt Pan, Poinsettia Bundt, Star Of David Bundt, 3-D Tree Bundt

Fill the Bundt pans with your favorite mixes or the boxed mixes on the previous page. In addition to the boxed mixes, there’s no shortage of Bundt recipes anywhere you look. Nordic Ware has a selection on its website, plus three volumes of books for purchase.

The Bundt pans and cake pans are made from durable cast-aluminum with heat-reflective exteriors that promote even baking. The cake pans are flatter, traditional rectangle shapes with an impressed decoration on top (see the Sunflower Cake Pans on the next page). Both types have nonstick interiors that produce cakes with fine detailing, and ensure easy release and cleanup. See the next page for Bundt Baking Tips.


Festival Bundt Wildflower Cake Pan Bouquet Bundt Pan
Festival Bundt Pan: Maybe they’re towers, maybe inverted ice cream cones!
Wildflower Cake Pan: A large rectangular cake topped with a burst of wildflowers.
Bouquet Bundt Pan: This pan turns out 6 mini-cakes, portion-sized.


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