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October 23, 2007
Updated October 2010

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Dark Chocolate Figs

A favorite treat at THE NIBBLE. All photography courtesy John & Kira’s.

WHAT IT IS: Ganache-stuffed calabacita figs, dipped in Valrhona chocolate.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Miniature figs from Spain are filled with a heavenly whiskey-clove ganache.
WHY WE LOVE IT: A simply spectacular confection.

John & Kira’s Drunken Chocolate Figs
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Drunken Chocolate Figs

If you want to try making Drunken Figs at home, you’ve first got to find plump little calabacita figs and fill them with a 64% Valrhona ganache, touched with a bit of whiskey. After carefully hand-filling the ganache into the bottom of the fig, enrobed it in a thin layer of Valrhona’s 64% dark chocolate.

We, however, prefer to let John and Kira do the hard work. Our job is easier: to figure out how to best use the figs.

  • Use them as place settings, particularly charming at Halloween or Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Serve them with after-dinner coffee—they can perch on the saucer of the coffee cup.
  • Add them to the dessert plate, aside or astride a piece of pie, with petit fours or ice cream.

Let us know your favorite uses!

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“In Memoriam” White-Chocolate Fig

Through 2009, John and Kira’s made the memorable white chocolate-covered “Fig Pumpkins,” shown in the photo, as a fall special. They were so irresistible that the moment we opened our first box, we popped one into our mouth as an involuntary reaction—before even thinking to offer them first to guests.

We’re sorry that they’ve been discontinued; but we won’t take the photo away. Maybe they’ll be back!


We could wax poetic about John & Kira’s Drunken Chocolate Figs, but then you won’t have time to order. Quickly! Otherwise, you’ll spend Halloween with a trick instead of this wonderful treat.

— Karen Hochman

Enrobed in white chocolate and painted to look like bite-size pumpkins. Photo courtesy John & Kira’s.

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Drunken Chocolate Figs

  • Drunken Chocolate Figs
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