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Fill ‘er up: The blue filter removes unpleasant-tasting chlorine from your tap water.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE™.


April 2007

Appliance Review / Kitchenwares / Appliances

Better Water Drinking Water Filter

The Better Way To Enjoy Bottled Water


CAPSULE REPORT: With the imbroglio over plastic water bottles causing excessive litter and vast landfill problems, here’s a solution: a biodegradable bottle with a built-in filter that makes tap water taste as good as any bottled water. The filter is effective for 90 refills (you can use the bottle ad infinitum), and it ends up costing ten cents per bottle of tasty water instead of whatever you’ve been paying. Save your money and save the planet!

See if you are one of these bottled water users:

  • You don’t like the taste of your tap water.
  • You’re tired of spending so much money on bottled water.
  • You feel environmentally guilty about creating so much landfill with plastic bottles that will never degrade (a huge problem created by the popularity of bottled water, by the way).
  • You refill your plastic water bottles to save money and/or the environment, but you get that mildew-type of bacterial growth inside after a few refills.
  • You have a home water-filtering system, but you often need to refill your water bottle at work, school, or on the road where the water isn’t quite as tasty.

If any of the above interferes with your water-drinking pleasure, we have a “miracle product”: the Corn Resin Bottle with the Better Water Drinking Water Filter, made by the clever folks at New Wave Enviro Products. We’ve been using ours for two months, and we love it.

First, the filter. It’s amazing: It totally filters out all the bad taste from our tap water. Tap water drunk through the filter top: delicious, like Fiji Water. Tap water straight from tap: ugh.

Next, the bottle. It is made from polyactide resin (“P.L.A.”), a corn starch plastic, instead of P.E.T. (polyethylene terephthalate, a petroleum-based plastic). Hold it in your hands and you don’t know the difference. But unlike P.E.T., it is degradable in just 80 days in commercial compost systems. It doesn’t grow that nasty bacteria and develop that mildew taste and smell.

The filter is effective for 90 16.9-ounce bottles of water. Even if you buy your bottled water by the case at price clubs, you can’t beat the savings of less than $9 for 90 bottles-worth of water (or, about ten cents a bottle). And, you’re saving the planet!


Corn Resin Bottle with Better
Water Drinking Filter

  • Bottle & Filter
    16.9 Fluid Ounces
    Refillable 90 Times
    Suggested Retail Price
  • Three Bottles

Purchase 3 Bottle Set online
at HealthyLifeWater.com

readers: Use Promo Code 42Free.

For local retailer information,
telephone 1.800.592.8371.

Shipping additional. Price and
product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Water Bottle
We’ve removed a filter from the bottle to show you what it looks like. The filter is not sold separately.


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