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Potato chips, which were invented in Saratoga, New York, are more American than apple pie, which came here from Europe.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



May 2005
Updated March 2009

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A History of the Potato Chip

Page 5: Gourmet Potato Chips

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Gourmet Potato Chips

Far beyond their origins as potato slices fried to a crisp in oil, gourmet chips have risen to an art form, enticingly flavored. Today’s foodies have chip choices that range from Herbs de Provence to Pesto to Spicy Thai. Cooking methods have evolved, too, leaving us with different textures and levels of healthfulness. Now you can try your chips baked, air-popped, kettle-cooked and, of course, good old fashioned fried.

Furthermore, after largely disappearing into the snack food realm, potato chips have also re-emerged at the finest dining establishments—where they delight well-heeled diners as much as they delighted Cornelius Vanderbilt.

If you’re not getting freshly-made, hot potato chips at your favorite dining spots—or if you feel like taking out the mandoline and making some delicious snacks yourself—click here for a basic recipe. Once you’ve got the hang of that difficult slicing, start experimenting with flavors. Here’s a recipe for Parmesan, Rosemary, Balsamic Syrup & White Truffle Oil chips. Or you can substitute your favorite cheeses, spices, herbs and/or flavored oil to achieve personalized potato chip nirvana. And think about George Crum and the Commodore, and how far the humble “crunch potato slices” have come.

With the “too many chips, too little time” philosophy, our favorite way to enjoy the multitude of chips is as a potato chip tasting bar along with a beer tasting. No dips are required—these chips are too delicious on their own.


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