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What could you win this week? Whatever the prize is, it will be delicious!  Photo courtesy Burdick Chocolates.
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Gourmet Giveaway

Take A Brief, Fun Quiz For A Chance To Win A Gourmet Food Gift

Welcome to THE NIBBLE’s Gourmet Giveaway. Each week, you’ll have a chance to win a delicious gourmet gift, courtesy of Delightful Deliveries, the online destination for gift deliveries.

  • The quizzes are fun, and will build your knowledge of food trivia.
  • Just answer the questions, input your name and e-mail, and we’ll contact you if you’re the winner. Come back each week for a chance to win the next Gourmet Giveaway.
  • What will you win? A gourmet gift related to the subject topic. The Pasta quiz prize is a pasta gift box. The Chocolate quiz? Chocolate, of course!
  • Even if a particular quiz giveaway has concluded and the prize has been awarded, you can still take the quiz and gobble up the facts. Use your newfound knowledge to impress your friends and family!

TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT GOURMET GIVEAWAY by e-mailing this page: Click the red link at the top right.

Quiz Topics
  • Breakfast (12/17/07)
  • Cheese (1/28/08)
  • Chocolate (2/4/08)
  • Coffee (1/7/08)
  • Entertaining (11/5/07)
  • Fruit (12/3/07)
  • Kosher (12/24/07)
  • Organic/Wellness (12/31/07)
  • Pasta (10/22/07)
  • Pastry (11/26/07)
  • Salsa (1/21/08)
  • Seafood (11/19/07)
  • Seasonings (12/10/07)
  • Snacks (11/12/07)
  • Tea (1/14/08)
  • Veggies (10/29/07)

Future survey topics and dates are subject to change without notice. See additional information on each particular survey page.


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