Salt Caramels
There’s a reason that salt caramels are one of the latest crazes in the world of fine candy. Read about them in our review of The Best Salt Caramels. The ones above, by Fritz Knipschildt, use smoked sea salt. Photo by Melody Lan.
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April 2008

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Love Old-Fashioned Candies Like Caramels?
Here Are Our Favorites


While toffee and butterscotch are British inventions, made by boiling sugar to a hard-crack stage, Americans created the caramel in the mid-1880s, slow-boiling sugar and milk to create a soft candy. In a world that knew largely hard candy (the chocolate bar wasn’t invented until 1847) and lacked access to modern dentistry, soft, chewy caramels were an immediate hit. Take our trivia quiz and learn more about these delightful confections.




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