pashmakGive exciting ingredients to food-loving friends who cook, and you may be invited back to enjoy what they create with them. Above, saffron-flavored pashmak, a Persian spun-sugar floss, is a gourmet version of cotton candy that can be used to decorate elegant desserts. It is available in several flavors from Pariya Food.




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These selections were chosen by CAITLIN BARRETT, who is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE.



November 2005

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Gourmet Ingredients For Great Palates

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Vino de Milo
Tomato Sauce Gift Box

The fact that we would even consider giving someone a jarred tomato sauce as a gift says a lot about how special it is. In fact, it’s the best line of sauces we’ve encountered to date—we could eat them from the jar without ever making the pasta, chicken or lamb. The Italian Works 1 gift box features one jar each of the Mediterranean Pinot Grigio, Portobello Shiraz, Tuscan Merlot, a set of four wine charms and a recipe book. Read our review of Vino de Milo, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

  • Italian Works 1 Gift Set

gift box

Melissa’s World Variety Produce
Exotic Fruits & Vegetables

Harry & David is the “brand name” in fruits by mail, but Melissa’s has the really interesting goods. You’ll be fascinated just looking at the fruits and vegetables on their website, and any foodie would love to receive a box. They have their own “fruit of the month” or “vegetable of the month” club, of course. Most people have never had a regular persimmon ( the “Apple of the Orient”), much less one of these special yellow cinnamon persimmons (wonderful plain, in fruit salads and desserts, and stuffings).

  • 28-Piece Persimmon Box



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