Sugar Free Almond Bark
Martine’s sugar-free almond bark doesn’t skimp on good ingredients; sweetened with maltitol, the only thing it’s missing is regular sugar. Photography by Claire Freierman.



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August 2008

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Diet Candy

Martine’s Sugar-Free Chocolates

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Milk & Dark Chocolate Bonbons

For those who like to plunge into a box of chocolates (or nibble delicately, one piece at a time), Martine’s fuchsia boxes offer 9, 18, 36 or 72 pieces of molded chocolates in the Belgian style, from Callebaut’s fine couverture. The Cacao Bean piece contains cacao nibs, while others have finely chopped pecans, almonds or hazelnuts.

  • Cacao Bean: Milk or dark chocolate with cacao nibs for crunch
  • Crown: Milk or dark chocolate with chopped pecans
  • Fleur-de-Lis: Solid dark chocolate molded to shape
  • Marquise: Milk or dark chocolate with chopped almonds
  • Nest: Milk or dark chocolate with coconut “twigs” (top center of photo at right, this is Martine’s personal favorite, and if you love coconut, you’ll probably agree)
  • Swirl: Milk or dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts
  • Three Stripes: Solid milk chocolate molded to shape

Although Martine’s sugar-free chocolate selection does not yet include varieties with cream centers, we’re crossing our fingers. Meanwhile, we’ll be munching on some tasty chocolate and eagerly awaiting the next creation (sugar-free or not) to emerge from Martine’s kitchen.

Sugar Free Chocolate
Chocolates in classic Belgian chocolate shapes,

The chocolates are handmade daily at two retail locations in Manhattan, and can be shipped around the world. The sugar-free chocolate bars and almond bark will last for two months at a cool temperature, while the other sugar-free chocolates, like any fine chocolates made without preservatives, are at their peak for about two weeks.

If you’re ready for a chocolate treat without the sugar, Martine is ready to oblige.

Martine’s sugar-free chocolates

Almond Bark Squares, Boxed Chocolates, Solid Milk or Dark Chocolate Bars

  • Almond Bark Squares
    6 squares, $16.95
  • Boxed Chocolates
    $33.75 to $270.00
  • Milk Or Dark Chocolate


Purchase online* at

*Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional. These items are offered by a third party and THE NIBBLE has no relationship with them. This link to purchase is provided as a reader convenience.

Martine's Sugar Free Chocolate

Hazelnuts, cacao nibs, pecans, oh my! With Martine’s sugar-free chocolate selections, nobody has to miss out on quality chocolate.

Martine’s also has two retail locations in New York City:

Martine’s Chocolates
Bloomingdale’s, 6th Floor
1000 Third Avenue at 59th Street
New York, NY 10022

Martine’s Chocolates Too
400 East 82nd Street at First Avenue
New York, NY 10028

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