Glow CookiesChocolate chocolate chip cookies so good, even wheat eaters will enjoy them. Photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is editorial director of THE NIBBLE.



August 2009

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Glow Gluten-Free Cookies

As Delicious As A Good Wheat-Based Cookie


CAPSULE REPORT: Now, thanks to the miracles performed at Glow Gluten Free, people with gluten allergies can enjoy cookies so delicious that their wheat-eating friends will be grabbing for them too. The all-natural cookies are also dairy free and, of course, trans fat free. (They do contain eggs and soy.) Tip off your wheat-allergic friends and they’ll be forever grateful. In Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap and Snickerdoodle, all equally delightful.


People who can’t eat gluten get the short end of the stick in the baked goods department. But the folks at Glow Gluten Free have created something magical—not via Hogwarts methodology, but through strong motivation and hard work.

As so often happens, necessity was the mother of invention. In this case, a mother and daughter were diagnosed with celiac disease. No longer able to enjoy their favorite Snickerdoodle CookiesMrs. Fields and Toll House cookies, they tried every gluten-free cookie on the market. And they found what other gluten-allergic folks had already discovered: cookies that tasted like cardboard. To add insult to injury, the gluten-free cookies tended to be high in calories and fat with little to no nutritional value. What would you do? Figure out how to create a good gluten-free cookie, of course!

Photo: Snickerdoodle Cookies.

Mom Jill Brack got to work. Trial and error was arduous, but the result is worth a MacArthur Award to enable continued R&D in glorious gluten-free foods. Made from garbanzo and fava bean flour and other all natural ingredients (no preservatives), the cookies contain less fat and calories than other popular snack foods and contain a healthy dose of fiber and protein, to boot. (Mom thought of everything.)

How good are Glow Gluten Free cookies? After we opened the boxes to taste them, the rest of the cookies were put into an airtight tin, as is the process for all the baked goods at THE NIBBLE. The label fell off the tin, and we couldn’t identify the cookies in the tin—we had no idea that they were gluten-free! We brought the mystery cookies on a visit to friends, and it was only weeks later, when we were writing this review and looking for the Glow cookies, that we realized that they were the ones we had brought (and eaten) on our visit. The kids and adults enjoyed them equally.

Varieties Of Glow Gluten Free

You can Glow in four classic flavors:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  • Gingersnap
  • Snickerdoodle

All are equally well executed. And for a bit of diversion while snacking, the back of each of the packages has a different Mad Libs-style word game that’s actually fun to fill out (BYO Sharpie).

Everyone you know with a gluten allergy will love you forever when you introduce them to Glow Gluten Free.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Get the glow with Glow Chocolate Chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Gingersnap, Snickerdoodle

  • 5.4-Ounce Tub
    (7 Cookies)

Purchase online* at
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Glow Gluten Free Cookies


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