Pouring TeaThere’s no more graceful dining tradition than pouring tea from a charming teapot. Photo by Sara Sang | IST.



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KAREN HOCHMAN, Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE, enjoys several cups of tea a day—alas, without the scones and clotted cream.




January 2010

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Tea Party Ideas

Page 3: Monthly Tea Parties ~ July Through December


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More Tea Party Ideas

Idea # 1: Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773. This and a second “tea party” on March 7, 1774 were a prelude to the Revolutionary War. In honor of American Independence Day, you can hold a commemorative “Boston Tea Party” with the kind actually destroyed on that day. It was Britain’s oldest tea merchant, Davison, Newman & Co., whose tea chests were destroyed at the 1773 “tea party.” The company sells a Boston Harbour Tea (certified kosher), a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling teas. Serve with that all-American favorite, brownies.

Idea #2: Loose Leaf Tea Party

Commemorate the Boston Tea Party by dumping loose leaf tea “overboard” into a tea pot as you read the story of the Boston Tea Party. Serve colonial cookie favorites: benne cakes (sesame cookies), coconut macaroons, gingersnaps, jumbles, molasses cookies and sugar cookies.


Idea #1: Iced Tea Party

What could be more refreshing this summer than a iced tea with strawberry shortcake scones topped with vanilla ice cream? Offer guests the choice of black or green iced tea, with lemon or lime.

Idea #2: Iced Tea & Sorbet Sundae Bar

Cut up the many luscious fruits in season and create a fruit salad bar. Sorbet is half the calories of ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Idea #1: Teen Tea Party

Take your teenager (or someone else’s) out for a tea experience and ask him or her to bring a friend. Share your love of tea and some good conversation.

Idea #2: Book Exchange & Tea Party

Ask everyone to bring a favorite book that they’ve read and are ready to trade. Each person gives a two-minute presentation about why they loved the book. Names are drawn from a hat and each participant selects his/her new book in the order the names were drawn.


Idea #1: Tea O’ween

Celebrate Halloween for the whole month of October with cinnamon spice tea, pumpkin scones and midnight chocolate double layer cake. Try Constant Comment, the original American spiced tea recipe invented by Ruth Bigelow (available in supermarkets and from BigelowTea.com). Decorate your midnight chocolate cake with candy corn or other favorite Halloween candy; or serve midnight chocolate cupcakes and provide different Halloween candies so guests can decorate their own.

Idea #2: Harvest Tea

Serve fall harvest foods for tea: pumpkin muffins, apple pie, nut tarts, cookies or nutted cream cheese sandwiches on zucchini bread.

  Gingerbread Cake
Afternoon tea is an occasion to try new teas as well as new dessert recipes, like this gingerbread loaf. For fewer calories, ditch the filling and frosting. Photo by Jami Saun | IST.


Idea #1: Pumpkin Tea

Start Thanksgiving early with a “Pumpkin Tea” consisting of pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins and pumpkin scones. Have a some cranberry scones or muffins for those who don’t like pumpkin. Serve your favorite black tea, or try the Pumpkin Spice Tea from BigelowTea.com (KOF-K kosher), Zhena Gypsy Tea (organic, Fair Trade and KSA kosher) or Dragonwater.com (rooibos).

Idea #2: Thankful To A Tea

No matter how busy we are, we all can lend a hand, and we all could use one. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, host a “Wish List Tea.” All the participants submit in advance one reasonable request they hope someone else in the group can fulfill. It can be a night of babysitting, a used bicycle, the loan or donation of a black cocktail dress or size 9 red pumps, someone to explain home equity loans, etc.


Idea #1: Tea & A Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season to enjoy cinnamon spice tea with your favorite holiday goodies. Invite friends over to enjoy your tree, or decorate with a couple of non-denominational poinsettia plants. ‘Tis also the season to call people you haven’t been in touch with in a while, and mix new friends with old.

Idea #2: Chari-Tea

Help your favorite local cause. Ask friends to bring something to donate—“like new” clothes that they no longer wear, some canned goods, toys and books for the hospital waiting room—whatever your cause can use (call them and ask).

What does one typically serve with tea, and what can you serve that is healthier than the traditional scones, pastries and sandwiches? Turn to the next page!

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