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ELIZABET TRAVIS is an Editorial Intern at THE NIBBLE.



July 2008

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A Glossary Of Exotic & Heirloom Vegetables

Page 4: Exotic & Heirloom Beet Types


CAPSULE REPORT: This is Page 4 of a 15-page glossary of a glossary of exotic and heirloom vegetables. Click on the black links below to see other pages.



We’ll keep adding to this glossary as we find new types of beets.

Beets Get To Know Me

Baby Candy Cane Beet

Baby beets are popular served sliced in a salad, or as a side dish. They are sweeter than all other beets, and take less time to prepare.

Available year-round.

baby candy cane beets

Blankoma Beet

A white beet with an early maturity, the blankoma beet has a fine, tender bulb that is very tasty when cooked. It is best enjoyed roasted with olive or nut oil. (See our Culinary Oils Glossary for the wide number of options.)

Available year-round.

Blankoma Beet

Bull’s Blood Beet

An heirloom beet with an earthy yet sweet flavor, that is richer than the usual beet. Like the beet itself, the leaves of the plant are a deep red and can be eaten as a salad leaf. The juice from the bull’s blood beet is used to make the only red food coloring allowed by Swedish law.

Available year-round.

Bulls Blood

Chiogga Beet

A white-fleshed Italian heirloom beet with rings of color that can be purple, red or pink. The chiogga beet has a sweet peppery flavor, and is smooth and mild tasting. It is beautiful served sliced raw in a salad, or roasted and tossed with feta or goat cheese.

Available year-round.

Seeds for these beets can be purchased at

Golden Beet

The golden beet has a deep gold color flesh instead of the traditional red. It also don’t bleed like the typical red variety. The flavor of a golden beet tends to be more mild.

Available year-round.

golden beet

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