A duo of caviar and blinis plus smoked salmon and blinis are simple yet delicious. Photo courtesy CaviarCaviar.com.





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June 2010

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Blinis With Caviar & Smoked Salmon

Serve One Caviar Blini & One Smoked Salmon Blini


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On The Menu:


Smoked Salmon & Caviar Blinis

Blini with smoked salmon and caviar is one of our favorite party foods. It doesn’t matter whether you use the most inexpensive caviar or roe or something more luxurious: The outcome is delicious, special and fun.

For variety, half of the blinis are topped with smoked salmon, the other half with caviar. This recipe yields 16 pieces for hors d’oeuvre or amuse bouche; or one piece of each as a first course for eight people.


  • 5 ounces sliced smoked salmon
  • 5 ounces sour cream, crème fraîche or plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 lemon
  • 16 store-bought blinis
    (Look for them in specialty stores, especially those that sell fine smoked salmon; or buy them online)
  • 2 ounces caviar
  • Fresh dill
Blinis available from Amazon.com.


  1. Warm the blinis according to the package instructions or in the microwave.

  2. On half of the blinis, lay a small strip of salmon followed by a scant teaspoon of sour cream. Top with a sprig of fresh dill.

  3. Make up the rest of the blinis with a small teaspoon of yogurt or sour cream topped with 1/2 teaspoon caviar.

  4. Arrange on a platter, alternating the smoked salmon with the caviar and lemon quarters.

  5. Serve with chilled vodka, martinis or Champagne

Photo courtesy ParamountCaviar.com.

Fully Loaded

If it’s in your budget, there’s no reason why you can’t combine the smoked salmon and caviar onto one blini. You  just need twice as much smoked salmon and caviar.



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Fully loaded: blini with gravlax and salmon caviar. Photo courtesy CaliforniaCaviar.com.


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