Glass of Red WineAeration from pouring and/or swirling opens up the aromas and flavors in the wine. Photo by Rob Gr85 | SXC.




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April 2005
Updated March 2009

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Red Wine Aromas

Page 5: The Aromas & Flavors of Wine

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RED WINE Major Wines Of The U.S. and France, From Lightest to Richest


A light-bodied, high-acid, simple wine that is low in alcohol and very fruity, with notes of cherry jam. Meant for immediate consumption, not aging.

Pinot Noir

(Red Burgundy)

A medium-bodied wine known for its lush fruit, Pinot Noir has notes of raspberry or cherry plus, earthiness and vanilla from oak barrel aging.  A complex wine, it also can yield chocolate, leather and numerous other flavors.


(In Bordeaux blends)

A soft, mellow and less tannic red wine featuring flavors of blackberry, plum, violet, and raisin. Merlot's from some regions have vegetal notes. Along with Cabernet Sauvignon, of the major blending grapes in Bordeaux.
Syrah or Shiraz A medium-bodied, fruity wine with hints of blackberry, dark chocolate, licorice, mocha, pepper, raspberry and other spices.
Zinfandel A powerful wine known for its pepper, spice and tannins. Other flavor notes can include berry, black raspberry, black cherry and nuttiness.

Cabernet Sauvignon

(In Bordeaux blends)

A robust, complex wine generally yielding rich dark fruit and a strong tannin backbone. Depending on origin it can have notes of black currant, blackberry, plum or cherry fruit; chocolate, green pepper, and mint; plus oak and vanilla from the barrels. bitter and woody flavors.  Notes of cedar, leather, “meatiness” and smoke are common to the wines of Bordeaux.
Port A rich, sweet, viscous wine for dessert for after-dinner, Port is a blend of several grapes. It is fortified with brandy, giving it the highest alcohol content among wines. Common flavor notes are nuts, pepper, fruit, black currant and/or smoke.


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