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TERRI RIMMER is a freelance writer in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey


December 2009

Product Reviews / Best Reads / Wine, Beer & Beverages

Passion For Coffee—Sweet And Savory Recipes With Coffee

Page 2: Coffee Recipe Tests

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Coffee Recipe Tests

It was a tough to choose the recipes to test because there were so many possibilities throughout the book, but I decided to test the following recipes:


  • Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies
    So, who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies? (THE NIBBLE staff love them so much that we wanted to find out how this gem came to be, and outline its background in our History Of The Chocolate Chip Cookie Section.) This is probably the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever tasted. The recipe calls for freeze-dried instant coffee as well as concentrated coffee syrup (also in the book). Believe it or not, you don’t really taste the coffee. By that, I mean you don’t immediately think that this is a coffee cookie.  The coffee actually brings out the flavor of the chocolate. When you bite into these cookies, you sense that the chocolate is so much more intense. That’s what makes this cookie so special. It’s such a simple idea. I suggest you make this recipe as is, and then make a batch without the coffee and see the big difference.


  • Divine Coffee Rolls
    These are aptly named. They are indeed heavenly. The smell of coffee roles baking is one of those simple pleasures in life. Just by adding freeze-dried or granulated instant coffee and coffee liquor to this basic recipe, the flavor quotient really elevates. Sprinkle them with brown sugar and pecans and you’ve got the perfect accompaniment with a tall glass of milk.


  • Coffee Meringue Disks With Balsamic Reduction & Fresh Berries
    I’ve always loved meringues. They’re crispy, light and satisfying. Again, coffee gives them a nice subtle flavor. They couldn’t be simpler to make. Just beat your egg whites to a stiff peak, add a steady stream of the granulated coffee mixed with a little water, slowly add the sugar and then pipe on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. The meringues are baked at a low temperature for an hour. Don’t get me wrong, they are great on their own, but I decided to jazz it up for a dinner party and serve it with a balsamic reduction (made with freeze-dried instant coffee, balsamic vinegar, heavy cream and brown sugar—also in this book) over fresh strawberries. So, what you get is the crispy meringue topped with a savory sauce over sweet strawberries. It’s a light and fresh dessert.


  • Filet Mignon with Coffee-Blueberry Sauce
    I must confess that I never thought about using the combination of coffee and blueberries. But am I glad I did. Coffee marries perfectly with pureed blueberries, honey and Worchester sauce, as it produces an earthy-and smoky-flavored sauce. It’s perfect with the bacon-wrapped filets. When your steaks are ready, just drizzle the sauce over the meat. You can actually serve this sauce with any cut of beef. (Find out about all the different cuts of beef in our Beef Glossary.) By the way, I also used it as a marinade. It is fabulous!


  • Sylvia’s Honey Mustard Chicken Strips
    My nephew loves chicken fingers and chicken strips. He’s very discriminating when it comes to his chicken. Well, I asked him to come to my home for dinner, and served him this honey mustard-infused dish, which he loved! It’s a quick and delicious snack or main course. Strips of chicken are marinated in a combination of freeze-dried coffee, honey, Dijon mustard and yogurt. Then, they are dredged in Panko breadcrumbs and chopped peanuts and baked. The result is a crunchy treat.  There’s nothing pretentious here. Just a satisfying and relaxed meal using the magic ingredient – coffee!

Even if you don’t drink coffee on a regular basis, I encourage you to try the recipes in this book.  If nothing else, you will appreciate the flavor enhancement that coffee provides to other ingredients.


By Patricia McCausland-Gallo

  • Published by The
    Cookbook Marketplace
    224 pages
    $29.95 (click to purchase)



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  Passion For Coffee


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