Egg Nog Fudge
Make some egg nog fudge for family and friends. Package it in pretty gift boxes.


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decemBER 2009
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Happy holidays, dear reader. We send you and your loved ones our best wishes for a joyous holiday. If you need gift suggestions, we’ve compile lots of our favorites. Remember, each week another food prize is awarded to a NIBBLE reader. Enter our weekly Gourmet Giveaway by clicking on the banner below.

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Our Table of Contents begins with favorite articles from our archives that celebrate the month’s food holidays or special events. The current month’s articles follow; projected publication dates are provided. Foods that are kosher [K], organic [O], sugar free [SF], etc. are coded. See the full list of codes at the bottom of this Table of Contents.

Celebrate National Egg Nog Month

Egg Nog Cookies

Celebrate National Fruit Cake Month

Celebrate National Cookie Cutter Week: First Week

Lager Beer

Celebrate National Lager Beer Week: Second Week

Cornucopia Of Specialty Foods

Special Sweets

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Products With These Properties Are Coded:

  • [K] Kosher Product (see Kosher Nibbles for more kosher products)
  • [NC] No Calorie, [LC] Low Calorie, [SF] Sugar Free, [FF] Fat Free, [WF] Wheat Free, [GF] Gluten Free, [NF] Nut Free [DF] Dairy Free (see Diet Nibbles for more products like this)
  • [O] Organic, [OI] Organic Ingredients, [FT] Fair Trade, [N] Nutritious/Healthy (see NutriNibbles for more products like these)
  • [TP] Top Pick Of The Week
  • [WG] Whole Grain, [V] Vegan

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