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August 7, 2007
Updated August 2010

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Shrimp Cocktail

Lemonaise lemon mayonnaise looks like regular mayonnaise, but one taste is an eye-opener. Photo courtesy

WHAT IT IS: A line of highly-seasoned gourmet mayonnaises and seafood sauces.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Finally, mayonnaise tastes like it should—vibrant with citrus (lemon juice is an ingredient of homemade mayonnaise), herbs and/or spices. Now, you don’t have to throw everything else into the recipe on top of the mayonnaise, to shake up the flavor.
WHY WE LOVE IT: It makes everything, from the simplest sandwich to a party hors d’oeuvre, taste amazing. We could eat it from the spoon—something we would never wish to do with bland, unctuous supermarket brands.
WHERE TO BUY IT: Call 1.619.222.6690 or visit,, supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide. See more retailers below.

The Ojai Cook: Cocktail Sauce & Seafood Sauce


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Seafood Sauce Varieties

Grace your seafood dishes with The Ojai Cook’s tartar sauce and seafood sauce.

  • Bite Back Tartar Sauce. Tartar sauce is essentially mayonnaise flavored with chopped pickles, capers and other seasonings, like parsley and chives. It was invented by the French, who served it with Steak Tartare; in the U.K. and in the U.S. it became a popular sauce for seafood. This tartar sauce “bites back” with jalapeño and horseradish as well the traditional pickle relish. Calories per tablespoon: 90.
    Try It With: Traditionally, tartar sauce is used with crab cakes, fried seafood and poached salmon. But this is also delicious with turkey and beef, and adds a jalapeño bite to tuna salad, potato salad and sandwiches. Think of it not as tartar sauce, but as hot and spicy citrus mayonnaise with pickle relish.
  • Sassy Seafood Sauce. Not your basic horseradish cocktail sauce, this chunky, crunchy red seafood sauce leads with roasted red bell pepper purée, tomatoes, accented ginger, jalapeño and other seasonings. It’s spicy but not fiery, and there’s a slight sweetness from the molasses, with lots of crunch in every bite from the minced onions. A delightful change of pace and a fabulous ketchup substitute. Calories per tablespoon are just 20.
  The Ojai Cook - Sassy Seafood Sauce
Sassy Seafood Sauce, based on red pepper purée, is a cut above other cocktail sauces.
  Try It With: Barbecue, burgers, veggie burgers and seafood, of course!


If you enjoy the best foods, enjoy the best condiments to go with them. You can’t do better than The Ojai Cook. The products also make welcome gifts for for friends who want the best.

—Karen Hochman

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Bite Back Tartar Sauce, Garlic-Herb Lemonaise, Latin Lemonaise, Lemonaise, Lemonaise Light, Sassy Seafood Sauce

Certified kosher (pareve) by the OU

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The Ojai Cook

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