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November 23, 2010

eCreamery Ice Cream


What are the flavors of your dreams? Create them online at All photography courtesy eCreamery.

WHAT IT IS: Custom-designed ice cream, gelato and sorbetto.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: You pick the primary flavor and all the mix-ins.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Absolutely delicious, lots of fun and the perfect gift for people “who have everything” or those with no place to put anything but the freezer.

.eCreamery Customized Ice Cream: Design The Flavor Of Your Dreams

CAPSULE REPORT: There’s a special incentive to move to Omaha: e-Creamery.

The boutique ice cream parlor churns out fresh premium ice cream every day, both the standard and creative—like cheesecake ice cream with graham crackers and a raspberry swirl.

But why let someone else design the ice cream flavors when it’s so exciting to do it yourself?

Therein lies the unique fun of eCreamery, where you are given free reign to create your own frozen fantasy in ice cream (14% milkfat), gelato (less caloric at 8% milkfat) or sorbetto (dairy-free and vegan).

There are three different ways to order or to give the pints as a gift:

  • An e-Creamery gift certificate is a special treat for ice cream lovers; and a gift to give those for whom you can’t buy anything, since they already own it.
  • Create your own signature flavor with a custom label: Barack’s Butterscotch Ice Cream With Brownie Bites, Sasha’s Holiday Heaven, Malia’s Mint Chip M&M Mashup or Michelle’s Better-For-You Gelato Joy. (Names used because they are far more interesting than John and Jane Smith.)
  • Select 4 Existing Flavors From 18 Choices & Add A Custom Label. For example: The flavor made of chocolate cake ice cream with fudge swirls & brownie bites can be labeled with anything you like: Christmas Chocolate Celebration; Holly’s Holiday Joy; Have A Creamy, Dreamy Christmas; or, our favorite, Calorie-Free Chocolate Surprise (the surprise, of course, is that it does have calories).
  • Send eCreamery’s Holiday Gift Pack. There are ice cream and sorbetto options ready to go. The White Chocolate Peppermint Bark ice cream is the best peppermint ice cream we’ve ever had. (Note to Santa: Please send us four more pints before the New Year’s diet begins.)

eCreamery is not an inexpensive gift, but it’s a memorable gift. Four pints are $49.99 and 8 pints are $79.99; but what price can be put on fulfilling an ice cream fantasy?

What are you waiting for? Your ice cream dreams are just a click away.

Read the rest of the review to discover the creative things eCreamery fans do after the holiday season. See the article index below.

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Make Your Own Ice Cream, Gelato & Sorbetto

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