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August 26, 2008

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Red Pepper Biscotti

Savory biscotti are just one of the surprises from the Truly Wize organic bakery. Shown above, Red Pepper Biscotti—delicious with wine, beer, cocktails, cheese, soup and salads. Photography by Emily Chang | THE NIBBLE, on a corkwood cutting board from

WHAT IT IS: A line of artisan organic baked goods.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Everything is baked fresh to order, from scratch.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The savory biscotti are addictive, the cookies and biscotti are excellent, pesticide-free and earth-friendly.

Truly Wize Organic Bakery:
Green Is Good

CAPSULE REPORT: Truly Wize Organic Bakery specializes in baked-to-order artisan cookies, biscotti and shortbread gifts. Everything is made with premium, 100% organic ingredients. These are feel-good, as well as taste-good, products.  Not only is the comfort food—such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, lemon ginger and snicker doodle cookies, and cranberry orange and chocolate walnut biscotti—impressive-tasting, it’s pesticide- and preservative-free, and arrives in eco-friendly (yet attractive) packaging.

While the cookies and sweet biscotti would be welcomed by anyone, the savory biscotti should be tried by everyone. In flavors including Kalamata Olive & Herb, Roasted Red Pepper and Sundried Tomato Basil, they are an innovative accompaniment to cocktails (including a casual glass of wine or beer), soup, salad or the cheese course. Read more about these tasty and wize treats in the full review below.

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Truly Wize Organic Bakery : Green Is Good


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Truly Wize’s founder, Caren Weaver, trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. She worked as a chef in New York City, while developing an interest and commitment to organic food and sustainable agriculture and their direct impact on our health and environment. Then, as a mother and passionate baker, she turned her skill at creating healthier desserts for her children into a business. Now, as the owner and head of a bakery that uses 100% organic ingredients, she sources the finest ingredients from organic growers who are dedicated to the highest environmental standards, and transforms them into delicious, handcrafted gourmet gifts that will be greatly appreciated by adults and kids alike.

Truly Wize Organic Bakery* is a perfect place to turn when you want all-natural baked treats, free of chemical pesticides and preservatives. The cookies are delicious, as are the biscotti, which have a soft, crumbly texture. There’s no need to dip these biscotti in your coffee in order to soften them up. And the savory biscotti, delicious with cocktails, soups, salads and cheese, are not to be missed. The shortbread “sandwiches” filled with preserves, which we haven’t tried yet, look equally terrific.

Organic Lemon Ginger Cookies
Organic Lemon-Ginger Cookies.

*While Truly Wize uses USDA-certified organic ingredients, the products itself are not USDA-certified. That’s because small artisan producers can’t afford the expense or the paperwork time to undergo formal certification.

“Organic” means more than chemical-free. Organic farming is sustainable agriculture, which promotes the healthy cultivation of soil, crop rotation and irrigation. Organic farmers use no harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers, steroids or hormones. Sustainable farming preserves the environment.

The green movement is a sibling to the organic movement. In tandem, Truly Wize’s packaging is Earth-friendly, too. The boxes are made from recycled paperboard, and can be recycled or reused as gift boxes; the tissue paper is also recycled material and can be reused or recycled as well. The cellophane bags that keep the products fresh are made out of cornstarch and are biodegradable. The packing peanuts, made from cornstarch, will dissolve in water. Printed materials use 30% post-consumer content recycled paper. And, not surprisingly, the bakery uses energy-efficient light bulbs and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to lighten its environmental footprint.

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