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August 4, 2009

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Beehive Cheese Jack

Monterey Jack has new competition: Uintah Jack. Photography courtesy of Beehive Cheese Co.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan flavored Cheddars from Utah.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Creative approaches to classic cheeses.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The Utah “terroir,” the buttery flavor of the cheeses and the “buzz” we get from having such fun with these cow’s milk cheeses.

Beehive Cheese
Page 2: Varieties Of Cheese

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Introduction To Beehive Cheeses

The cheeses are aged on Utah Blue Spruce aging racks in Beehive’s humidity controlled caves. The cheeses are made with pasteurized milk from a single herd of Jersey cows near the creamery.


What can you say about cheesemakers who name a cheese in honor of the folks who taught them to make cheese? The recipe for this American Parmesan was developed by the “aggies,” or agricultural students, at Utah State University, where Patrick and Tim learned to make cheese. So pronounce it Ag-gee-AH-no with a hard “g,” not Italian-style, ah-jee-AH-no. While Parmesan is a typically dry cheese as it ages, Aggi retains creaminess, yet flakes like a Parm. It has classic butterscotch notes, with Beehive’s characteristic pineapple notes. (Is it coincidental that the beehive and the pineapple have related shapes?)


Aggiano Cheese
Creamier than a traditional young Parmesan, Aggiano is a tribute to the Parmesan-style cheese developed by the Utah State University aggies.

Barely Buzzed Cheddar

We’ve already mentioned Barely Buzzed, the award-winner that’s hand-rubbed with a Turkish grind or Central American, South American and Indonesian beans from Colorado Legacy Coffee Company (owned by Tim’s brother). Lavender buds are ground with the coffee—we love lavender. You can’t taste it because the coffee is overpowering, but there are no complaints because the coffee does its job so well, and the cheese is fine to begin with. Rubs are an age-old technique to impart more character to a cheese. The cheese is rubbed with oil so that the dry ingredients—herbs, spices, and what-the-heck, coffee—adhere. The flavor permeates the rind and enhances the paste. (See photo of Barely Buzzed on Page 1.) A perfect accompaniment is a beer with roasted malts that bring up coffee flavors.

Emigrant Cheddar

Named after the pioneers who settled the state, Emigrant is an original Beehive Cheese Co. recipe. It’s based on the Aggiano recipe, but moister. Like all of the Beehive cheeses, it’s creamy and full flavored aged cheese, with a pineapple nose.

Full Moon Cheddar

The first batch of this cheese was made under a...full moon! Made in small batches with unpasteurized milk, the super-buttery cheese is earthy and slightly sharp with a satisfying after taste.


Full Moon Cheese
Two glasses of wine and a Full Moon (Cheddar cheese).


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