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March 31, 2009

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Green Tea Butter Cookies

These shortbread cookies are so good, we ate a dozen in a day. Shown above, Spicy Chocolate Cookies. The glass is Canteen by Bodum. All photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Shortbread cookies.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Shortbread cookies with a different point of view. Beyond the butter, there’s black pepper, chile, espresso, green tea and sea salt. Two varieties can be enjoyed with cheese.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The wholesome beauty and beguiling flavor make these a favorite everyday cookie that also makes a special dessert when paired with a scoop of ice cream.

Emily’s Biscuits & Cookies:
Butter & Spice & Everything Nice

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Introduction To Emily’s Biscuits & Cookies

Usually, when we are finished tasting through a product line, we are satisfied to put it aside and go on to the next tasting assignment. Not so with Emily’s: We wanted more and more of these textbook-perfect cookies. (Note: Some are called biscuits and some are called cookies. We understand where Emily is coming from, in terms of matching some flavors with savory foods. But there isn’t a significant difference in the sweetness level of biscuits versus cookies. So just enjoy all of them all however and whenever you like.)

  • Black Pepper & Maize Biscuit. The maize (think cornmeal) adds magic to this biscuit, more texture to the tooth while the fresh-cracked black pepper puts some heat on the tongue. While this is a wonderful experience in and of itself, with fresh goat cheese or mascarpone it rockets into the stratosphere.
  • Chocolate Espresso Cookie. Very often, some flavors get subordinated to others. In this ménage à trois of chocolate, espresso and butter, everything gets equal time, and the result, which includes a few grains of sea salt, is glorious.
  • Ginger Cacao Nib Cookie. A buttery cookie with a light subtext of ginger and crunchy cacao nibs, Emily’s spin on classic ginger and chocolate chip shortbread flavors.

Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Espresso Chocolate Cookies will thrill anyone who enjoys coffee and chocolate.

  • Green Tea Biscuit. This is perhaps the best green tea-flavored food we’ve ever eaten.
  • Spicy Chocolate Cookie. Chiles ratchet up the heat level beyond where the Black Pepper & Maize Biscuit takes you, but Emily is far too skilled to lay down more fire than the refined palate should bear. This masterful blend is chocolate chile perfection; the most pleasant chile finish continues for 15 minutes. Emily suggests a glass of Pinot Noir; to us, the sizzle of spice calls for a more a substantive Zinfandel. But in truth, all of these cookies have such symphonic overtones that you should first enjoy them unpaired.
  • Vanilla Sea Salt Cookie.  The most classic of the line shyly shows its flavors of fresh butter, fine vanilla and the tiniest touch of sea salt—the fine salt crystals crunch between your teeth as the buttery dough melts on your tongue.

What more can we say, except that when Emily introduces her next flavors, we plan to be at the front of the line.

— Karen Hochman

Emily’s Biscuits & Cookies

BISCUITS: Black Pepper & Maize, Green Tea
COOKIES: Espresso Chocolate, Ginger Cacao, Spicy Chocolate, Vanilla Sea Salt

  • Half Dozen Cookies
  • Dozen Cookies
  • 15 Assorted Cookies
    (Packaged 3 To A Bag) $18.00

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Vanilla Butter Cookies
Vanilla Sea Salt Cookies, for those who want a “plain” butter cookie, elevate the concept.


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