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July 5, 2005
Updated April 2009

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Peanut Butter
This gourmet peanut butter has earned its stripes:
P.B. Loco in Jungle Banana and Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

P.B. Loco
Loco For Great Peanut Butter

Page 2: Savory PB Flavors

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are sorry to report that this fine company closed its doors in early 2010. Thanks for the memories of great P.B. We’ll be loco without you.



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Savory Peanut Butter Flavors

But life isn’t all sweet PB. There are savory flavors, too.

  • Asian Curry Spice is serious business. Our jar was a bit too gritty, as if some cardamom pod got ground in with the seed. Our first tasting months ago was positive, and we would go back and try another jar. Mix it with fettuccini for instant sesame noodles; or spread some on a roast beef, chicken or duck sandwich for a Thai turn. It’s a popular flavor.
  • Dreamy Creamy is basic smooth peanut butter without added flavor, but is not your supermarket PB. Here, the freshest peanuts are made in small batches without the emulsifiers that turn mass-marketed PBs into mortar.
  • Munchy Crunchy is the crunchy version of Dreamy Creamy.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato is discontinued. We mourn for it—it was an exceptional experience. Small chunks of sun-dried tomato got stuck in our teeth like Jujubes—and just as with that childhood candy, it was fun un-sticking them. We used this spread for everything—from canapés and tea sandwiches; on sandwiches with roast beef, turkey, chicken or ham; on linguini or fettuccine as Sun-Dried Tomato Peanut Butter Sauce. It was dynamite. Why are we telling you this if you can no longer buy it? You can do what PB Logo did: Start with the basic Creamy Dreamy and mix in your own chopped, sun-dried tomatoes. Make sure the tomatoes are soft, not hard and dried out.

It is true that after tasting through all of the P.B. Loco flavors we were a bit loco: crazy in love. This is definitely not kid stuff, although you’ll have to hide the sweet P.B. Locos from the young ‘uns, for sure.

—Karen Hochman

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SAVORY: Asian Curry Spice, Dreamy Creamy, Munchy Crunchy
SWEET: CoCoBanana, Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough, Dark Chocolate Duo, Jungle Banana, Raspberry White Chocolate, Sumatra Cinnamon & Raisin
  • Flavored
  • Creamy Dreamy or Crunchy Munchy
  • Gift Selections
    $19.95 to $60.95

P.B. Loco
We can’t believe we ate the whole thing. But we did, and we can’t wait to do it again!

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