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February 10, 2009

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Ginger Chocolate Cookie

Geisha Seduction was a big hit: chocolate chunks and crystallized ginger. All photography by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Very seductive chocolate chocolate chunk cookies.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Nine different chocolate chocolate chunk cookies, ranging from “comfort” flavors (banana/toffee, caramel, cream cheese) to sophisticated (curry, ginger, sea salt).
WHY WE LOVE IT: These cookies are so good; while the website focuses on the word “rich,” because this seems to sell gourmet foods, we prefer to think of them as perfect. Rich implies that if you eat several, you’ll feel ill. Here, you can eat several and feel overjoyed.

Ruby et Violette: Chocolate Chunk Seduction Cookies

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The Seduction Begins: Nine Divine
Chocolate Chunk Cookies

We got ravenously hungry as we described these cookies, so pick up some carrot sticks before you begin to read.

  • Cool Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Dark chocolate cookies and ginger is one of our favorite combinations, especially when one is using a great chocolate like Callebaut. Here, mint chips added alongside the dark chocolate chunks make for a deliciously minty cookie. As Goldilocks said, “not too much, not too little...just right.”
  • Creamy Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. By combining chunks of cream cheese in a chocolate chocolate chunk cookie, Heather Sue Mercer may have invented a new comfort food—a chocolate chunk cheesecake cookie. (Photo at right.)
  • Exotic Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. If you like curry, don’t pass this one by—it’s terrific! No “weird” flavor: curry and chocolate work so well here, we’re going to get out the churn and make some chocolate chunk curry ice cream.

Cream Cheese Cookie

Creamy Seduction: A fusion of chocolate chunk cookie and cheesecake

  • First Kiss Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Why should chocolate bars, caramels and shortbread have all the fun? Finally, a chocolate chocolate chunk cookie gets topped with sea salt for that tasty sweet-and-salty flavor pairing.
Rocky Road Cookie
Rocky Road: Chocolate chunks and mint make for a cool seduction, indeed.
  • Geisha Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. We’re suckers for chocolate-ginger combinations. Here, the crunchy crystallized ginger adds such panache, we’re seriously contemplating a whole box of these.
  • Primal Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Think back to your early days of bananas, peanut butter, toffee, chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. They’re all rolled into one here!
  • Rocky Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Actually, the seduction is easy, not rocky, when you’re packing the cookie with toasted almonds, marshmallows and dark chocolate chunks.
  • Smooth Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. This smoothie is a classic chocolate chocolate chunk cookie, guaranteed to please. But with its sexier siblings, only the purist will be seduced.
  • Sweet Seduction Chocolate Chunk Cookie. We surrender! Dripping with caramel, this cookie truly is sweet—and rich!—in the most wonderful way.

You’ll be seduced, but never abandoned—because Ruby et Violette will supply you with sweet chocolate cookie love all year long.

–Karen Hochman

Ruby et Violette

Seduction Cookies—Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies In 9 Flavors

  • Bakery Box
    10 Cookies
  • Chenonceau Box
    (At Right)
    18 Cookies
  • Fontainebleau Box
    24 Cookies
  • Versailles Box
    36 Cookies

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Gift Box
The Chenonceau Box, one of Ruby et Violette’s beautiful keepsake boxes.

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