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Aromafloria Fragrance Beads
Green Tea Bamboo Fragrance Beads have a tranquil, natural scent and are a lovely alternative to potpourri.






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January 2006

Home Zone / Good Scents / Candles



Coordinated Aroma Beads and Soy Candles


They look like pebbles and smell like mango sorbet, lemongrass, chai, and orange clove.  Put  Aromafloria’s AromaBeads in a potpourri bowl or a brandy snifter and enjoy them as an alternative to potpourri. The acrylic beads release the natural aromas of sweet spices and tangy fruits that hold their scent much longer than traditional botanicals, and are very beautiful to look at—the photos here don’t begin to do them justice.

kiwi coconut honey papaya ginger
Kiwi Coconut AromaBeads Honey Papaya AromaBeads Mango Ginger AromaBeads

Aromafloria is a company we discovered last year, and we are impressed at the quality of the products. Their AromaTini candles are made of such high quality soy wax, they could double as a moisturizer stick (seriously, we liked the feel of the soy wax so much, we rubbed it into our skin and loved the result). 

The ChocoTini was the best chocolate candle imaginable, joined by AppleTini, FlirTini (raspberry and pineapple), SpaTini (citrus apple), and WaikikiTini (tropical fruits). We are sad to report that these wonderful soy candles have been discontinued, in favor of a more sophisticated line with scents that match the AromaBeads. But the new Aroma candles are also lovely. As of a few weeks ago we were able to find the “tinis” at a few online stores. Buy as much ChocoTini as you can while it lasts (or before we buy the rest!).

There are some fine food-fragranced products available for the home, but this is one of the few coordinated fragrances—candles and potpourri—where both match so well. Singly or together, they make a nice gift, or a treat for yourself.



AromaBeads and Candles in Chai, Green Tea, Honey Papaya, Kiwi Coconut, Lemongrass, Mango Ginger, Orange Clove, Pomegranate, & Teakwood


  • AromaBeads
    6.5 Ounce Tube
  • Aroma Candle
    5.6 Ounce
  • AromaTini
    7 Ounce Tin

Purchase AromaBeads and Candles at

Purchase Aromatini Candles at

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and scent availability are subject to change.



If you can find these “tini” candles, grab them.
Otherwise, enjoy the new, more elegantly styled
Aroma Candles
like the one below.
Aroma Candle

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